Before Playful Coaching


Personal process to restore creative the playful attitude/and the reconexi³n with the vital intention

Professional qualification in tools to invigorate groups of personal development through game, the movement and the art.

What is the Ludocorporal System?

I rub: of the Latin I play

Corporal: referring to the body

Ludocorporal: I have come to the life to play with a body 



The systems are made up of a paradigm of the human development, of three methodologies of group work and a form to accompany to the groups


Paradigm: We are in the life to learn to being happy and for learning on the love and thus to elevate our conscience. We understand that everything what it succeeds us in the life is an opportunity of learning for this aim. This learning articulates through the landlords that limit to us and a vital intention. All we have some gifts and some intentions that need to pronounce themselves for it we have to learn to coexist of life with flowing.


The three methodologies: The Ludocorporal system is developed through three own methodologies that denominated expressive the corporal game/(methodology LUDOCOREX


®), the creative challenges


®(the game with the arts and the ritual game) and the musical drifts


®(music and free movement). 


A support form: We understand that the essence of a person arises in loving surroundings and of confidence. The art to create this climate of work in a group we denominated it ecology of the human potential



SYSTEM LUDOCORPORAL as a whole is a tool for the human development whose main contribution is the one to restore creative the playful attitude/in the adults. A process healer that drives the way towards the vital intention, all information are base on research and experience that we build for a years and then we build this website using dedicated serverto publish it.

Creative the playful attitude/is the expression of an inner state of the being. A state of creativity, spontaneity, authenticity and joy. Creative the playful attitude/qualifies us to flow with the life, to assume risks and to explore the possibilities of our existence, fundamental quality so that a person aligns herself to her vital intention.

  1. All process through ludocorporal system, in addition to restoring creative the playful attitude/, has as an aim: the taking of conscience of landlords obstacles, the recognition of the personal gifts, the activation of the power, affective potential and of conscience, and the alignment with the vital intention.
  2. SYSTEM LUDOCORPORAL contributes some very versatile tools being able to use in many contexts, for example: processes oriented towards the alignment in order life, development of values in educative scopes, healing of the inner boy in therapeutic contexts, coaching of equipment, existential processes of integration in social scopes, experiences for formation surroundings and learning and activation of the human potential in scopes of personal growth.
  3. To whom it goes directed this formation?
  4. To all person eager to fortify its enthusiasm and to reconnect with spontaneity, the joy, and so he is simple and essential in the life of a human being.

People who wish to realise a conscious exploration on their gifts and talents and their vital intention.

To people who look for a professional formation in the scope of the human development through expressive tools as the game, music the movement and the art.


To educators, therapists, training, social coaches, workers, psychologists, workers of the health and people in charge of equipment that wishes to specialize in the invigoration of groups through the existential methodologies of the Ludocorporal System and wants to be different itself from the rest of professionals of their sector, designing its own tie professional supply to its call of the soul.

The formation is organized through three courses


This formation is organized in three courses: Basic, Advanced and Expert. Each course corresponds to the learning of a different methodology. In the Basic course we approached expressive the corporal game/(methodology LUDOCOREX


  • ®); in the advanced course we approached the creative challenges
  • ®and during expert we approached the musical drifts


®and the creation of the processes of personal development of alignment with the vital intention.

  • In addition to the professional qualification in these methodologies, the three courses as a whole form a deep process of personal development.
  • When, where and duration of this formation?


With the intention to facilitate as much to all the people interested in this process concerning the Spanish state as at international level. We offer two modalities for the three courses of the process:

  • Modality 1: in week ends in Barcelona
  • Modality 2: intensive of 9 days in residential regime (international Call) province of Barcelona or Girona.


Basic course

  • Modality 1 week ends: 5 week ends in Barcelona between October and February at the rate of a weekend to the month
  • Modality 2 intensive of summer 9 days residential regime in July of every year. International call. Spain


Advanced course


Modality 1 week ends: 5 week ends in Barcelona between March and July at the rate of a weekend to the month.


Modality 2 intensive of summer 9 days residential regime in Easter. The celebration of this modality is submitted to that there is a minimum of 12 registered students. Spain

Expert course

Modality 1 week ends: 10 week ends in Barcelona between September and June of every year at the rate of a weekend to the month.


Modality 2 intensive of summer: two intensive of 9 days each in residential regime in summer. The celebration of this modality is submitted to that there is a minimum of 12 registered students.

Diplomas and requirements to obtain them

When finalizing each course you will receive an accrediting diploma:

1.      Basic course: expressive metololog­a LUDOCOREX graduates in corporal game/

2.      Advanced course: it graduates in CREATIVE CHALLENGES

®for the development of values

3.      Course of expert: Facilitator LUDOCORPORAL

For the obtaining of the diploma of Ludocorporal facilitator it is necessary to have realised the three courses: basic, advanced and expert, in addition to elaborating and setting out the personal project when finalizing the expert course.

Equipment of training

Enrique Aguilar Ferraz (Director)

Therapist gestalt. Self-taught person, investigator and creator of experiences for the human development. Creator of the Ludocorporal System. Lawyer in Environmental Sciences and Graduated in Teaching. Formed in Therapy Gestalt, Coaching and Arteterapia

To know more

Rosa Useleti Urmeneta

Formed in Risoterapia and Expressive Juego (School “ Enrique Aguilar), Gestalt Therapy (Institut Gestalt of Barcelona), Expressive Movement and Corporal Techniques for the therapy with Javier Muro (study the Corporal thing) and Postgraduate Body and Art (Wings).

Pau Rossell

Coordinator and professor of ConcienciaClown. Therapist gestalt, Psicocorporal Therapist, Actor and clown of street, scene and cinema, Risoterapeuta (School-Enrique Aguilar).

The Clown I have worked it with Eric de Bont, Ant³n Val©n, Gabriel Cham©, Jango Edwards, Carlo Mo, Alain Vigneau, Phillipe Gaulier, Virginia Imaz and Gardi Hutter, among others.

Studies of experimental theater and dramatic corporal expression with Jessica Walker in the Laboratory-school.

Eduardo Hern¡ndez

Formed in Therapy Gestalt and R­o Abierto (technical psicocorporales and transpersonales for the Human, Instructional development of Vital Expresivo Movement. Postgraduate course of Body and Art " in Wings.

Educational in formation in the social scope and of lleure. Gest¡ltico therapist in individual consultation.

Vincenzo Rossi

Psychologist and psychotherapist. Founder of Open River Italy in 1982 and educational director/until year 2014. Formed in Therapy of the Gestalt, in Psychology of the Eneatipos (or Eneagrama), he participated in the distributed courses of Autorrealizaci³n in Barcelona by Antonio Blay. Initiator of the School of Humanistic Counseling Traspersonal in Italy and Spain.

Musicoterapeuta formed in the U.B, Musical and Corporal Educator in Institut Dalcroze in Barcelona, Facilitating Creative and Therapist of the Voice. Professor of Masters of Music therapy in Girona. She develops supervisions of practices for the Masters of Music therapy in Barcelona and works as Musicoterapeuta different associations. 

She distributes factories and courses of personal growth through the Voice as potential of the human development.



Desire to prove the experience Factory of introduction
Existential factory of 4 hours for people who have interest in realising the playful formation in coaching and want to have a demonstrative Hosting experience. 

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Basic course



- Intensive of summer: