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Adjectives are describing words. They are used to give descriptions for a noun or pronoun. An adjective usually comes before the noun or the pronoun which it modifies.

Qualitative Adjectives
They describe the quality of a noun Ex. whether an elephant is big or small, whether the light is red or green.
  1. A tall man
  2. An exciting job
  3. A wonderful trip
  4. A courageous leader
  5. An incredible country
Classifying Adjectives
They describe the class that the noun belongs to. Ex. the language can be English or Spanish, a plant can be annual or seasonal.
  1. The English language
  2. An annual plant
  3. The Chinese culture
Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Adjectives are used with nouns to show the ownership in a sentence.
  1. That's my chair
  2. Jane loved her bike
  3. He is our teacher
  4. It is his house
Quantitative Adjectives
Quantitative Adjectives are used when you can describe nouns that are countable.
  1. There are many pens in my box
  2. I have enough money
  3. Give me some food
  4. Few people went to see the game
  5. There are five eggs in a basket

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