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Birds are the only living creatures which have feathers. Birds have wings. Most birds can fly. All birds have two feet.

Features of birds
  1. A bird has wings. It uses them to fly.
  2. A bird's shape helps it to move fast through the air.
  3. A bird has strong arm and chest muscles. It can flap its wings with these.
  4. A bird is very light. It has air in its body and very light bones.
  5. Birds have different shaped feet. They have 3 toes which point to the front and a shorter toe which points backwards. Birds also use their toes to balance, hold on to things, walk on leaves, climb, swim and wade in water.
  6. Birds have different shaped beaks. They do not have teeth. They use their beaks to cut, open, tear, crush and chisel.
  7. Birds build nests to lay eggs and shelter their young ones. Some nests are made up high in trees. Others are made on the ground or in buildings.
Birds have 3 kinds of feathers
  1. Down feathers keep the bird warm
  2. Body feathers cover the body
  3. Flight feathers help the bird to fly
Examples of birds which can fly
  1. Sparrow
  2. Parrot
  3. Owl
  4. Kingfisher
Examples of birds which can't fly
  1. Ostrich
  2. Penguin
  3. Emu
  4. Kiwi
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