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There are different kinds of vegetables. Some vegetables are the leaves or stems of plants. Ex: Spinach is a leaf and sugarcane is a stem. Some vegetables are fruits growing on branches and stems. Ex: Beans. Some vegetables are roots. They grow underground. Ex: Carrots.

All plants produce fruits. Some fruits taste good and can be eaten. Ex: Grapes, Apple, Orange etc. Some other fruits cannot be eaten. Some fruits are poisonous. Some do not taste good. Some fruits grow in the form of nuts and cones. Ex: Coconut, Cashew, Almond etc.

Fruits and Seeds
Fruits have a skin on the outside. They have a fleshy inner part. They have seeds in the middle. Some fruits are covered by pods.

Some fruits have only one seed. Some have a few seeds. Some have many seeds.

  1. One seed - Mango, cherry etc.
  2. Few seeds - Apple, orange etc.
  3. Many seeds - Papaya, pomegranate etc.
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