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What are Living Things ?
'Living' means 'Having Life'. All living things have life. Human beings and all plants and animals are living things. Even microorganisms like bacteria and fungi are living things. Viruses are not living things.

Characteristics of Living Things
  1. Living things are made up of cells.
  2. Living things need food and water to stay alive.
  3. Living things breathe either in air or in water.
  4. Living things can move (crawl/walk/run/swim/fly) on their own.
  5. Living things can sense (hear/see/feel/taste/smell) objects. They can respond to these senses.
  6. Living things grow in size. Ex. Babies grow to become adults. Young plants grow into adult plants.
  7. Living things can give birth or reproduce young ones. Ex. Animals produce animal babies. Plants make seeds that grow into new plants.
Food obtained by Living Things
  1. Egg from chicken
  2. Milk from cow
  3. Vegetables and fruits from plants: Ex. beans, peas, apples, oranges etc.
  4. Nuts and seeds from plants: Ex. cashews, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds etc.
  5. Honey from honey bee
  6. Cooking oils from vegetables, fruits, flowers and nuts: Ex. almond oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil etc.
Non living things obtained by Living Things
  1. Wool and Fur from sheep: used to make sweaters and coats.
  2. Wood from trees: used to make tables, chairs, cabinets, doors, pencils etc.
  3. Perfume from flowers: used for good smell.
  4. Medicine from trees: used to treat sicknesses.
  5. Silk from silk worms: used to make silk clothes.
  6. Cotton from cotton plants: used to make cotton clothes.
  7. Rubber from rubber plants: used to make tires, erasers and rubber bands.
  8. Leather from animal skins: used to make sofas, hand bags, belts etc.