Before Playful Coaching

To restore creative the playful attitude/and to walk the vital intention

Existential factory of special interest for the people who are thought about making the formation in Ludocorporal

What a Ludocorporal process can contribute to you

All Ludocorporal process is an existential practice that Integra the work with the body, the emotions, the feelings and the conscience stops:


1. To activate the enthusiasm: the force, the desire and the joy to put outside what inhabits you inside: your potential capacities and your talents that do a singular being to you.

2. The activation of the potential: To detect beliefs obstacles, to take conscience and to give value to your own talents and of activating essential capacities for your optimal development as the creativity, the empoderamiento, the inner freedom, occurring account, the empathy, the compassion, the communion, the desire to explore possibilities and of risking, the joy, etc¦

3. The deep connection with same you (the centramiento): We leave from the base that you have come to the life to give a value for the others and it, you own some own talents. In order to align themselves with this vital intention and to trust the innate resources it is necessary to establish connection with you are it in essence. That is to say, to initiate the way towards your heart, centramiento place that brings clarity, discernment, direction and determination to us to realise what you have come To be and to do.



I offer this introductory factory to you so that you try if this experience is what you look for

In this factory of 4 hours of duration I will explain some aspects to you related to:

  • The essence and the character
  • The calls the soul: the universal intention, the familiar intention and the personal intention
  • The integration of the corporal thing, emotional and mental in processes of healing and the learning.
  • The joy, the inner work and the conscience
  • The tools of the Ludocorporal System: expressive the corporal game/, the creative challenges and the musical drifts
  • The professional application of the Ludocorporal System


In addition, you will undergo a demonstrative existential session of two hours

Next factories


  • Domingo 16 of February 2020 of 16:00 to 20:00 hours
  • Friday 27 of March 2020 of 17:00 to 21:00 hours
  • Friday 22 of May 2020 of 17:00 to 21:00 hours
  • Friday 12 of June 2020 of 17:00 to 21:00 hours


Place: Altraforma space - Boulevard of the Muntanya, 92, Barcelona

Price: 20‚¬

It distributes: Enrique Aguilar

You consider to make the formation in LUDOCORPORAL?

 Before Playful Coaching

In this factory you will leave doubts. You will be able to know the approach work that offers the ludocorporal system, the equipment of training and will undergo a demonstrative session.


The formation is a personal process and of designed professional qualification it stops:

  • That cheers a process based on the ludocorporal system. Thus you will be able to verify by you affection being able to you effect healer that entails to live this process. Requirement essential soon to offer it you to other people.
  • You will learn the three tools of the system: expressive the corporal game/, the creative challenges and the musical drifts
  • You will learn to design processes of Ludocorporal to your measurement, considering your talents and vital intention. (To this we called to distinguish it your professional identity)
  •  We showed possible ways and we supervised the home to you of your professionalisation if it is your case

Inscription to the factory of introduction to the Ludocorporal System

To ask for Entrevista with the director of the formation

If you have doubts on the content of the formation I will be enchanted to clarify them to you

To attend the introduction factory (recommended)

A factory of 4 hours to know if it is the formation that you look for

To ask for the complete program of the formation

Stuffed the form with your name and e-mail and we sent the complete program to you of the formation in a file pdf