Smile to the life and the life to him¦

By Enrique Aguilar

Smile to him to the life and the life will smile to you


Today, walking by the forest I smiled to him to a tree and next I felt deep an inner joy. Animated, I smiled to him to another tree and my internal vibration rose still more.


I continued playing this game and suddenly, one kept awake in my mind: smile to him to the life and the life will smile to you.


A deep gratefulness shook my body. 




I have been time that I do not smile to him to the life, not any smile but the intimate smile, that is born from the soul and is in tune of life with the unit, had forgotten it. I followed with my stroll and I recognized the stone, I recognized the plant, I recognized the bird, I recognized the tree and as it entered me in more alive it felt to me. It recognized the life and when doing it, it recognized to me as life expression. I recognize the soul that my body inhabits and the love that arises when I do it.


I believe that the deep origin of the disease, the suffering and the human anguish is the reflection of a forgetfulness. to forget of whom we are in essence. In my experience therefore I recognize it.


The etymology of the word to forget for reference to put itself dense, dark. Really when we lived in the forgetfulness we lived in the darkness and the density.


Today in company of a wonderful presence I have remembered. To remember to become to unite.


And it would not count all this if my intention of life did not go to help others to remember. Since yes it is my intention, here I leave these words in case to somebody it resonates to him or serve as bridge to know us.


This month of September 11 years ago I initiated my work with the game and the human development. I did not imagine then deep and the important thing that it is that we return to play. The joy that brings the game to our lives is one of the routes, still little explored, to leave the forgetfulness and to encounter again to us with our essence. 



Enrique Aguilar

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    Mercedes (Wednesday, 05 September 2018 07:42)

    To fascinate everything to me what wrote there. Magnificent.

  • #2

    Dora (Wednesday, 05 September 2018 08:48)

    Yes, yes¦ How it has resonated to me What gift has been the spark that shaken to me on the inside! Enrique ThanksThanks once again to help me in the task of remembering who I am. You
    hug, friend of the soul