The alchemy of the conscience of the joy

By Enrique Aguilar





I have been more than 10 years observing adults to play in processes of coaching playful. I am witness of the powerful alchemy that takes place when a person remembers of a felt and conscious way, that she has come to the life to enjoy the fact to be alive. He is simple, and very deep simultaneously.


By my observations, I dare to say that the alchemy that produces the recovery of the joy to live is so powerful and healer as the transformation that takes place when a person intensely lives the pain caused by the original wounds separation and interference of the flow of the love. Two processes necessary that all person must journey to develop her potential to the maximum.


I believe that only people who enjoy their life are at readiness to construct a world better. And it is necessary to consider that to enjoy the life it is necessary to extend the mentality based on the domination relation, especially to extend to the hierarchy of the rational mind on our loving and instinctive side.


We must happen of fodder soon I exist to fodder, feel, I do, soon I enjoy my existence


In this sense, the new relation between these three parts much more has fluid, flexible and to be harmonized. With the processes of coaching playful we are verifying, how through the recovery of the playful conscience or conscience of the joy, the dominant rational mind loses force and the affective and instintivas dimensions bloom as forces that took centuries locked up in the tower of the castle.


We do not know how it will be the future for the humanity, we know that it is now when there is to act so that the children of our children have an evolved option than ours. I do not get tired to communicate that to transform the world it happens so that each is placed in its site in the life, lives agreed to its singularity and that uses its energy in which it likes.


The people who enjoy their life are positive and contribute value to the others, the people which they sacrifice his preferences live frustrated, are toxic and they do not contribute constructive value to the group.


My commitment in this life is to seed in the present the possibility of constructing a society where the people enjoy their singular life. A society that is conscious that each human being is only and singular and who is to organize itself consequently of it.


I leave you with a video where I speak of these things¦

Factory in search of the Enthusiasm in Madrid

With Enrique Aguilar

Factory in search of the Enthusiasm in Barcelona

With Enrique Aguilar

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