To remember what is ESSENTIAL

by Enrique Aguilar

They put to me of Enrique name, I was born in the island of the Palm, alive in a town of the province of Barcelona where I am registered, my woman and my son they were born in Catalonia.


Not itself no flag, itself my inner compass that is located in my heart. I do not know almost anything.


I dedicate myself to accompany to that they choose me in the way of the autorrealizaci³n of an innovating way, playing.


Nowadays he is essential to remember what is essential. I have written this small story, I hope that you like:

The man/woman who invented the playful art

He had once, in the homes of the humanity a woman or perhaps a man walking by the forest. There was past countless times by that place and this time, something drew attention to him. A flower of violet petals and yellow stamen. It observed it, looked it, it only looked and then it saw.  When seeing, it felt in his chest heat, its mouth drew a smile and their eyes shone. He was the first human being who acceded to that feeling.


The necessity to share it, so arose in him it took to all their tribe to see the flower with the noble aspiration that all felt just like he. When it showed to the flower nobody understood, a member of the tribe spontaneously even took the flower and ate it to conclude that it was not a good food reason why did not have value.


Our character with time was recognized as the shaman or perhaps the chamana of the tribe. What felt with the violet flower, felt it in the valley, felt it with the eagle, the mountain, its people¦ until realizing that, which felt, was not in the flower but she comprised of was.


It did not have words to transmit to the other its experience and in his search it invented the painting, it invented the poetry, it invented the metaphor and the story. In his search to express what felt it invented the ART, that in its origin was a playful art. And thus, with time, all the members of the tribe were experimenting who the BEAUTY was part of its intrinsic nature.


And thus, in the nocturnal meetings around the fire, the members of the tribe enjoyed stories, music, the dances and stagings. All this, was the means through what the tribe gave form to her essential nature, thus is as they remembered who were in essence, since during the day, many accustom forgot the essential between the daily ups and downs.


He was incredible to see as the together tribe when playing count his histories strengthened the bows of a strong, united and loving community. Each member of the tribe was carrying of the value that was cultivated in the meetings of the playful art, the value of the common good that was born from the fullness of the individuals.


The desire of the common good was something cultivated by the community in its games. It was the guarantee of which the following generations continued evolving constructively. The common good transcended to the scope of the community, was a great admiration and respect to everything what conformed the life and its means. 


And thus this human community constructed a life model where the essential was the essential.




And I ask myself, in our civilization what happens with the common good? how he is that so many people live remote on their hearts? how he is that one does not gamble to remember who we are? how he is that there is as much people who rob or kill? how he is, still knowing that we are destroying natural means as we know it, we followed with practices and ways of untenable lives? How he is that we are so lost?


We need to remember what is essential by evolutionary mandate.

What you go to make to remember what there is of essential in you?


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