Wings to fly, to live without fear?

By Enrique Aguilar



Sometimes I make an experiment with my students. I ask that they detect a crazy fantasy to them, that fantasy that per times appears in their imagination, type would leave it everything and he would go to give the return to me to the world. 


Normally these fantasy we constructed them to alleviate to us of an unsatisfactory present.


The peculiar thing is that when exploring what there is behind the majority of that fantasy we discovered that the true necessity is not to give the return to the world, but to undergo the freedom.


The fantasy is an escape route, however, to feel frees us is a very powerful existential necessity that always it calls, along with the love, to that it is expressed in you.

What will be to live feeling it frees us? I share my deep yearning to you to feel to me frees of being, to express to me as I am flowing with the river of life. I orient my life to it, in my house with my family, my work, on the street¦ And also I share to you how difficult is and the frustrated thing that I feel in many occasions to feel to me imprisoned of the fear¦


As FREE OR FREE suction apprentice to BEING OF BEING I occur to account whom the more I orient my life towards the joy, the less fear and the more frees I feel. The more energy I put in covering expectations that I myself I am created, the more enslaved I feel and the more present the fear becomes.


To where I reach to understand, I believe that the freedom is the consequence to live without fear, that is to say, to live in confidence state. The good thing is that the confidence is learned, can be practiced and be reinforced, and for it, to play to take risks and of limiting the genesis of compulsive expectations, is fundamental.


It pleases to me to share the following conference of Isabel Behncke, Chilean primat³loga that has studied to the bonobos in its natural habitat. Where it explains to us how the bonobos through game and of the sexuality have formed a society of the confidence and the freedom. Perhaps to see how they have obtained the bonobos, our evolutionary cousins, a harmonious society helps us in such aim¦

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