We have come to undergo the life

By Enrique Aguilar

Why you live? why you work? why desire money? why you are related? ¦.


You have posed these questions seriously and in depth?


From my point of view, those people who consider and respond to these questions with their decisions and acts have initiated the trip of the fear to the freedom.


They educated to us in relation to a pre-established model, rather, introyectaron one functional model to us of life that she establishes why we must do everything what we do. To assume the model is to lose our power and to move away to us of our essence.





It is, showing what we are and receiving the return of the atmosphere, that we can accede to the way of the wisdom. For it, it is precise to do without the possible maximum the models and imposed lifestyles. And to replace them by the wisdom acquired by the own vital experience.


The education that mainly we have received is based on implanting a model of life in our system of beliefs, based on acquiring some knowledge by the route of education, following imitative systems, of norms, suitable conducts and tendencies of value for all equals. That pretty it would be to submerge in an educative process based on encouraging the direct experimentation and learning of it. To discover by one same one what is good for himself and for the common good. That pretty it would be an education for the freedom and does not stop the agreement that enslaves the person.


One of the consequences to grow under these conditions is that the capacity has been limited to explore the life in its diverse forms. To explore with fullness life is not to have fear to take decisions, to understand that life is change continuous, that the errors help us to learn, that we are a potential to develop and in the measurement that we risked and we dare, we matured.


The lack of development of the self-exploration capacity and to learn of the own experience enslaves to us to follow life models that others have designed. This takes to us to establish dependency relations and to live on a mediocre form. To impose a model is to reduce to the human being to its minimum expression. To live the life under the minimum expression, from my point of view, is the extended form more of suffering.



Shelp with other words, we lived with anguish a basic, subtle and sometimes sometimes exasperating, of which it lacks something. The worse thing of everything is than many people have standardized this anguish or not even they realize of which they are porteadores of her. We need to explore the life with fullness and decided by one same one.

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