Basic course in the ludocorporal system

Expressive the corporal game/- Methodology LUDOCOREX

 Playful coach


Before Playful Coaching


An excellent tool for the unfreezing corporal, emotional, the cohesion of groups and the activation of the human potential.

We play with the body to release, to enjoy, to create, to feel¦

A route to encounter again to us with flowing, spontaneity, and the joy. An excuse to give wings to our essence.

To invigorate a group through expressive game is an art. This art you will be able to experience it and to learn in the basic course of the ludocorporal system


  1. Next calls
  2. WEEK FINN MODALITY: Group of week ends in Barcelona - October 2019 to February 2020 (at the rate of a weekend per month) Matriculation opened until the 20 of November

INTENSIVE MODALITY: Intensive of summer from the 20 to the 29 of 2020 July (international call) (residential regime in Dog Armenteras Province of Barcelona)

Brief list of credits

You will experiment:


The expressive game is to play with the body. An excellent tool for the unfreezing corporal and emotional.

You will be enabled


In order to offer factories of expressive game, factories of creativity and cohesion of groups and/or to apply the expressive game in the context that already you work: therapeutic, educative, formation, social, enterprise work, etc.



Playful coach



Enrique Aguilar, Rosa Useleti and Pau Rossell


In week ends of October 2019 to February 2020 in Barcelona


Module the 1 - playful attitude and the human potential: 12 and 13 of October 2019

Module 2 - Body and energy:  23 and 24 of November 2019

Module 3 - Emotions and beliefs:  21 and 22 of December 2019

Module 4 - Creativity and state of game:  18 and 19 of January 2020


Module - 5 methodology LUDOCOREX “ expressive the corporal game/:  15 and 16 of February 2020

Schedule:  Saturdays of 10:00 to 20:00 hours and Sundays of 10:00 to 15:00 hours

Place:  Space Niu - c Congr©s, 7 Barcelona

Training:  Enrique Aguilar, Rosa Useleti and Pau Rossell

  • Price:
  • Matriculation: 50 ‚¬ (one is pleased when registering you to reserve your place)
    • Price - to choose one of these two possibilities:
    • Unique payment: 850 ‚¬ before giving to home the formation

Or monthly payment: 180 ‚¬/mes (5 monthly instalments)

Procedure to realise the matriculation in any modality

1. You will have to fill in the following form that you will accede beating in inscription

2. Soon ‚¬ of matriculation will have to pay 50 as we indicate to you after filling up the inscription card.

3. When we have received the payment you will receive a confirmation mail.

Intensive of summer 21 to the 30 of July 2020 (international call)


9 days in residential regime


Place:  Dog Armentera “ Santa Maria d'Ol³, province of Barcelona. To see Web of the place

Price: 450 ‚¬ (lodging and food) + 600 ‚¬ formation = 1050 ‚¬

  • This amount is pleased of the following form:
  • 50 ‚¬ of matriculation to reserve to your place when filling up the inscription form (Ten in account that the group fills, to guarantee your place reserves as soon as possible)
  • 500 ‚¬ a month before the home of the formation by means of banking transference.



500 ‚¬ the first day of the course in cash

Facilities of payment: 

You can divide the price of the formation and pay it in the terms that are possible to you.


Ll¡manos and we will look for a solution for you:)


Distribution of the days:

  • Schedule of the first day
  • 16:00 Arrival to the center and accomodation in the rooms
  • 17:00 Home of the formation


21:15 Has dinner

  • Schedule of the rest of days
  • 9:00      Breakfast 
  • 10:00 “ 14:00    Session in the morning
  • 14:15      Food and rest 
  • 17:00 “ 21:00    Session in the afternoon


21:15      Dinner

  • Schedule of the last day
  • 9:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Closing of the intensive one


14:30 Eaten and aim of the stay.

Guide of alumno/a: 


Once you have registered yourself we will send a dossier to you with all the information regarding how arriving, material to take and to other advice and recommendations.

For that they come from outside Spain, the place is to an hour and a half of Barcelona, reason why you must arrive at Barcelona, thence you can take a bus to the Santa Maria town d'Ol³ that will be our point of contact (in the dossier we informed to you into all this)

It interests to me and not yet I know it clearly

To ask for Entrevista with the director of the formation

To ask for interview  

To attend the factory of introduction to the Ludocorporal System