We have been born the pleasure, we have forgotten it and it is not chance.

by Enrique Aguilar

To play is any activity that is realised without purpose, only by the pleasure that causes to realise it. Within the predominant system of beliefs, an activity without productive sense, is despised and in some contexts the condemned. Around the pleasure a fault veil has been created that we continued transferring of generation in generation by unconsciousness.


What you feel if I tell you that you have been born to play, that the life is the opportunity to undergo the existence by the same benefit to exist?

It observes your to feel and surely, in the deep thing, you will find some resistance, judgment or scorn. If it is thus, these seeing the toxicity that there is in you of the cultural inheritance.

TO PLAY, in capital letters, it is an evolutionary mandate very simple and in order to help us to evolve as species. An intention so elevated that one escapes to the conscience of the majority of the people. The respect of the game of the children and the recovery of the game in the adults, would have to be subjects of social priority. It would be thus, if we walked towards a society of the common good conformed by free people, centered in his power and process of accomplishment.


The game is the activadora experience of the potential capacities of which we are carrying and, the pleasure, is the incentive so that this activation takes place. The game does not belong to the human species, belongs to the life and its intention to elevate the conscience. It is playing, enjoying the process to live, that we can find the way of knowing who we are in essence. Of the suffering of the people it is not much more than the absence of the conscience of the benefit. In this sense, the suffering is the existential shout so that we learn to release to us of the system of beliefs that produces the jail of anhedonia (incapacity to feel to please).


The civilization in that we are immersed, prevailed by a patriarchy in decay, continues imposing the mammoth effort to diminish the principle of the pleasure in each human being. And it does as domestic servant to an animal: awarding the values than it must be and punishing the natural impulses as the one to guide itself by the pleasure, the game and the benefit in the personal decision making, for example. 


Not to extend too much I let the formulated question to me How long it is dedicated in predominant the educative system to orient to the children and young people to listen to its natural impulses, their tastes, to know its abilities and to enjoy the learning process? How long it is dedicated to that the children take their personal power and freedom surroundings are facilitated to them so that they express its talents?


It is thus, penalizing that the people are in force by the principle of the pleasure, that patriarchy reinforces its power on the individual. To penalize the pleasure, is to penalize the erotic-playful facet that each person already has by her own nature. And it consequently brings an important delay in the maturation and development of the people. This deficit of maturation of the individual is expressed in the society in the lack of a collective conscience, in injustices, frustrations that derive in all type of violence, radicalisms, nationalisms, corruptions, inequality, etc.


I believe that to construct to a new society each person it must carry out the work of empoderar themselves and freeing themselves of the toxic system of beliefs that condemns to him to a mediocre life. When I speak to reclaim the game, I speak of this. In order to play the life one must take its power and to feel frees to connect with his to feel and to express itself without fear. In some times in which new challenges appear to us continuously, the game and what I call the playful conscience, it prepares us for the following evolutionary step. You are arranged to assume the risk of playing the life and of leaving the mediocre life?


Thanks to read to me

Enrique Aguilar

Director of the School of Development Humano and Playful Coaching

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    Isabel Pichel (Friday, 15 April 2016 13:04)

    Totally in agreement!
    The game state is defined as the best one for the learning. Perfectly is differentiated from other watch or dream states of.
    The malleability that produces to us allows the improvement of abilities of expression and communication.
    Isabel Pichel
    Vowel tecnique&life coaching
    PTE Toastmasters Santiago de Compostela Club