Not to live connected to the enthusiasm is an anomaly

By Enrique Aguilar

The enthusiasm is the force that causes that our potential is expressed. Without this force we walked lost outside looking for what we took inside in power.


The enthusiasm is a force that goes of inside towards outside. It is the force of life flowing to traverse ours, seducing to us at any moment so that we are creative, that we express our ideas and we put into action what we felt. 


The extreme absence of enthusiasm in a person we called it depression. This happens when the person is lost the capacity to express what is. One has become disconnected of the natural flow of life.

Not to live connected to the enthusiasm is an anomaly

The enthusiasm and the playful spirit are aspects of the instinctive nature of all human being. It comes from series.

The enthusiasm is the force that animates and the game is the creative materialization of that force.


We come to the life with the evolutionary mandate to play and to orient our experiences towards which we like. And thus it was expressed in our early childhood. Now, as adults, to reconnect with the capacity to guide us by the instinctive force of the enthusiasm and to take the life us as a game, leads to develop our talents to us and to take total a more satisfactory life and. From my point of view, this would be the natural thing.

Nevertheless, the present social structure is the collective expression of people disconnected of its heart and disconnected of its capacity to enjoy. A society of people who stop playing is a society that begins to die.  This disconnection is an anomaly that leads us to the self-destruction.


  • How it is that the enthusiasm is debilitated with time?
  • How take place does the disconnection of this force?
  • How it is that we have not learned to listen to the signals of the enthusiasm?
  • And if we managed to listen to it how it is that we do not know to interpret his signals?

They educated to secure us things and to be obedient

They put in the head a package of beliefs oriented to being productive and to be able to be somebody in the life. And to introduce these beliefs, educators and parents to us, being thought that they did the best thing for his children, they acted significantly in the inhibition of the enthusiasm and the game. 

Without these instinctive resources we are forgetting that we have come to learn and to create. We have come to play this life. When we forgot to what we have come we felt lost. Moved away of our essence, the human being, instead of learning and to create, the opposite does, suffers and destroys.


Within that package of beliefs, playing, is thing of children. A serious adult and respectable does not give importance to the game in his life. Without a doubt, he will pass invoice to him.

You want to recover the control of your life? it begins to play

The word to play comes from Latin iocari and means to do something with joy. The joy is the emotional state that leads us to the learning. The joy opens to our mind and our heart so that the new thing can enter.

If in our life it does not have game is no innovation. We stagnated.

In order to recover the control of our life it is essential that we take conscience from the beliefs that are conditioning to us. To reclaim the game accelerates this process of conscience and it prepares us to journey the process of liberation of the learned agreements.

Thanks to spend your time in reading these words, desire that serves to you as inspiration so that there is more game in your life. If you wish it you can give your opinion at the end of this page. Next I leave a factory proposal you in case it is of your interest

Enrique Aguilar

A proposal

A vibrant experience for which it needs an impulse, an encounter, a resumption, an approach different or simply to return to feel the pleasure to be with same you and to let to you play¦ Enrique thanks         


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  • #1

    Yubitza (Wednesday, 09 December 2015 12:55)

    Totally in agreement. So soon he is to me possible will aim to me.
    Sincerely I create k is the motor of life.

  • #2

    Juan Carlos (Wednesday, 09 December 2015 15:16)

    Great article: ¦ and the best thing is to experience all what has been shelp here PLAYING!

  • #3

    Mon (Thursday, 10 December 2015 17:44)

    I am educator and emotional therapist. Between my clients there are young adults and also. I like to make discover the enthusiasm and the laughter them in which they do but there are times that I am with a wall because those children come to see suffer in their houses, to hold and to distrust. Some prefer not to speak and it costs to them to have a fluid movement. When with himself to make laugh and forget its day to day entomces them that it is worth the pain all the effort and passion that I leave in my activities.

  • #4

    Elisabet Raso (Monday, 14 December 2015 14:46)

    Wonderful initiative, tranquilizes knowledge to me that is people who as I think that this society needs a change urgently. I am infantile educator is important that from small we harness the best characteristics and to try than this society to which they will be gotten up does not destroy the created thing. All together ones we can! Much luck and me one to la/las causes.

  • #5

    Javier Bilbao (Monday, 21 December 2015 10:49)

    necesitaria to know schedule and place celebration, and coverall and but the important thing if this training can be included within subsidized training (forcem etc) since in that case if apuntariamos us

  • #6

    Yanira Tenerife (Tuesday, 22 December 2015 22:54)

    Very I am interested in making the factory of 27 and 28 in Tenerife and by in practice this that accounts.