The function of the playful coach.

By Enrique Aguilar

To recover the experience by the same benefit to realise it is something deeper than it seems. 

The loss of the natural and instinctive enthusiasm due to the education generates a life oriented to the sacrifice and to you would have them

We have standardized the life with a high dose of suffering,  it would be possible to be avoided?

The playful coach

The Playful Coach is a specialist in the art to invigorate groups through the playful experience, is a person who understands in depth the importance that has adult them reclaim its playful spirit, and who is respected the spontaneous game of the children.


As Claudio Naranjo affirms, we lived in a society dominated by the patriarchal energy. One is a competitive, aggressive energy, of domination (domination of the man to the woman, domination of the adults to the infants, domination to other alive beings, domination from a country to another one¦) and also, one is an energy oriented to the results in the short term. With this energy the society constructs all their structure: economy, policy, education, etc.


As you already know all these social structures are in crisis. In the background, which is in crisis is to continue operating from this patriarchal mentality. 


This energy is made strong suppressing of the people its capacity to enjoy, to feel to please, its playful spirit, its capacity to guide itself by its instinct and its heart. When suppressing these qualities, the human being becomes aggressive, competitive, dominant, rigid and he only thinks in terms of immediate and egocentrados results. The collective expression of all this is the society as we know it. A society that lies down towards the self-destruction.


So that the society harmonizes itself must integrate the feminine energy and so that this occurs an important number of men and women must do this work in themselves.


The playful coach is a professional who works in this direction

Its work is to help to the people to that they recover his capacity to enjoy of life, in addition to securing things of life.


That they rediscover the force of the enthusiasm in addition to the motivation of the competitive thing.



That they recognize his talents and singularities, taking conscience of which it is not necessary to deny the qualities of the other.



 To enjoy the difference instead of to feel threatened by her.



To enjoy the processes and not only to look at the results



To wake up the creative capacity of each person



To help the groups to unite itself to fulfill its aims enjoying the process.


When an adult reclaims his playful spirit:

  • Desire flexibility at all the levels
  • It improves his capacity to adapt to the changes
  • It extends the innovation capacity significantly
  • It improves significantly his expressive capacity
  • It updates the relational potential and the capacity of empathy
  • It is predisposed of natural way to mobilize the own talents.
  • Desire confidence in its singularity.
  • Their actions and decisions are connected with the personal interest
  • The enthusiasm becomes the compass to orient the life.
  • The judgment and the critic towards the others lose force.
  • The self-censoring is debilitated.
  • The judgment and the critic of the other do not have as much importance.
  • Confidence in assuming risks gains and the fear is relativized to be mistaken.
  • It restores the capacity to learn by itself through the experience.
  • A refining of intelligence takes place.
  • And mainly it enjoys the moments of life.

The playful coach is a facilitator 

A facilitator in the recovery of the game of the adults and in the cohesion of equipment and groups of people


The playful coach facilitates chats and factories to transmit this message in educative centers, companies, organizations, centers of health, etc. Also organize conscience spaces where the adults can reclaim their game.


Since you see is much work that to do. Perhaps if you resonate with this message is something for you in this process that I propose to you.

It interests to know to You more?

Gratuitous chat/factory in Barcelona 

I invite to participate to you in a brief titled chat: the recovery of the enthusiasm and to a demonstrative session Playful Coaching.

Formation in Playful Coaching

In week ends in Barcelona

(Home October of every year)

Between week in Barcelona (Thursday)

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Intensive of summer in Catalonia and Madrid (international call)

Julio and August of every year

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    Marisol (Friday, 10 February 2017 00:16)

    Hello Enrique, I want to be thankful for the tremendous work to you that you are realising, is fantastic. I made the factory of weekend and it enchanted to me, I did the one of Risoterapia the past Julio 2016 and was more than fantastic, I left new, I appeared again literally and returned to shine the enthusiasm in my interior. Confirmed in addition by friendly that saw my change. So intention to tod@s to that you experiment and you return to connect with this part that us has been snatches by the society in which we lived, preventing wake up-to connect with our true ESSENCE. definitively, who it does not connect with his enthusiasm, it does not connect with his essence-BE.
    A strong hug.
    Marisol Estrems