You knew that the abundance has to do with the playful spirit?

By Enrique Aguilar

To accede to a life with abundance in all the existential planes is something wished by all. 

First that I mean it is that the abundance is not to have much of something, is not to have much money or many earth or many friendly for example. It is not a quantitative subject, is qualitative.

To be in touch with the abundance is to attract at every moment which you need. Fix to you well, is not TO HAVE is TO ATTRACT.  If you have this activated capacity, the deficiency feeling, of which it lacks something vanishes¦

It would seem that the interferences are many that disqualify us to attract what we needed, but in fact, we could say that is the FEAR, this low vibration the one that blocks the patience and the confidence on which it lives in the abundance and it knows that what needs is when falling.


The fear blinds and it pushes us when HAVING, to own much just in case in the future¦, we became attached to the people whom tenth that we loved, we took hold ourselves to unsatisfactory works, we settled in the deficiency, we defend mediocre vital circumstances, we manipulated and we are created ours elaborated arguments not to risk¦


Whoever to begin to leave this mess, to where I reach to understand, must approach three great subjects:


  • Conscience of your agreement: to be able to see how there are some beliefs that are operating in you and to give account you that you are not that. That they are expired learnings that have been automated and they take to you to repeat the same conducts time and time again, often, self-destructive.

  • Conscience of the death: Most of the people we lived as if we went to always live, we do not realize of which our life is a small finite transit, that we will die. If you knew that you are going away to die within a year, it would live just as if you did not know it? which would be your priorities then? to what you would spend your time? how they would be your relations? what things you would stop doing and what others you would do that you are not doing? The death conscience makes us humbler to receive the blessings of life.

  • To work the playful spirit and to activate your potential: if you fix, and it you can to verify by you mismo/a, people intelligent, loving and that does what they like, are playful. In my opinion, they are thus because the playful spirit leads to them to unfold their potential. Playing one she can obtain everything what she wishes. And I will not get tired to say that to play it is the experience that we realised by the taste to do it. Playing is a gift of the evolution that drives to us to improve to us and to adapt to us to the changes optimumly. To integrate the playful spirit in our daily life relaxes to us, it helps us to flow with the life and to attract what we needed at every moment.

The man does not stop playing because he becomes old, but he becomes old because he stops playing.
Bernard Shaw (Nobel prize of Literature)

The game is the elevated form more of the investigation.

Albert Einstein

I invite to see this video to you that reflects a reality, lamentably, too much extended.

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  • #1

    Mari araque (Monday, 05 October 2015 04:27)

    very certain in the life it is necessary to do what one it likes to do and to enjoy it

  • #2

    Nuria (Monday, 12 October 2015 18:13)

    Enrique, a wonder, is incredible as the day to day eats to us and as a video of a few minutes remembers the fundamental thing to us. I am wishing to go to Barcelona every month! A greeting, and thanks!

  • #3

    Lidia Ligros (Monday, 19 October 2015 17:53)

    Totally Enrique ...... Today I declare playful Lover of living and the lived Ayyyy that I take to you¦! jajajajaja

  • #4

    Pepi Mart­nez (Wednesday, 11 November 2015 19:10)

    Thanks to share your wisdom¦ And coverall the video has enchanted to me. Gracias

  • #5

    Cristina (Wednesday, 11 November 2015 20:30)

    Enrique he has enchanted to me!

    The first part is the crude reality that is lived, still, in schools and homes. The end of history a lesson of life in which, which more tuna is to live NOW and will smile to the life.

    Thanks to share it; - D

  • #6

    Maria Victoria (Wednesday, 11 November 2015 20:48)

    excellent! congratulations and thank you very much!

  • #7

    Aurora (Wednesday, 11 November 2015 22:09)

    Enrique enchants to me your to share, I understand that he is not to have
    Rather one is to be to go to the depths and to let shine to the being.
    thank you very much!

  • #8

    Ricardo Rowland (Wednesday, 11 November 2015 23:53)

    Enrique, I intuit that I must swim in the abundance if I attract people as your reality jeje

    Very inspiring your words

  • #9

    SAKY (Thursday, 12 November 2015 09:49)

    It seems to me hopeful right I am in a while in that I want to send itself to the change but it is truth that the society, the econ²micas fastenings, and the Great Fear can to us.
    I always dance and river without concerning the one to me that diran, gustaria me to be able to do it also and to enjoy in a work that I hope to obtain in the future. Like also I hope to be able to realise some of your factories as soon as can realise it. Gracias

  • #10

    Maria Cinta (Thursday, 12 November 2015 12:58)

    I am totally in agreement with you and so Berbard Shaw shelp: The man does not stop playing because he becomes old, but he becomes old because he stops playing.
    Enrique thanks.

  • #11 (Friday, 13 November 2015 14:34)

    fantastic¦ they are very pertinent¦ very constructive¦.I am totally in agreement with you. The video is the example lived, daily¦ will go it to my colleagues on ens±anza primary. Thank you very much!

  • #12

    Maria (Friday, 13 November 2015 16:38)

    Thousand thanks for the article and the video, are very funny and it has made me jump the tears. Spirit! to jump, to jump and to continue looking for! Hugs and kisses of colors.

  • #13

    Yanira (Tuesday, 22 December 2015 23:12)

    That beautiful and that greater truth, we forgot to amuse itself, the days happen and we forgot until smiling put in the responsibilities¦. Thanks have enchanted me