To express the potential

We are a potential of intelligence, affectivity and energy¦  our life is as a process of progressive update of this potential. The fullness never comes as a result of an acquisition, but it comes as a result of a total update of our potential.

Antonio Blay


Next I present an extract of chapter I of the book the Art To help to writing by Claudia Casanovas and Felisa Chalcoff. GranAldea editorial.


Thanks to Claudia Casanova and Enzo Rossi the lessons arrived to me from Antonio Blay on the human potential. In its book, Claudia Casanova speaks to us of a simple way on the expression of the potential.

Diverse lessons propose that the human being is constituted by a central nucleus, its essential part¦ Many have tried to describe this essence. These descriptions are always approximate: a finger that indicates the moon, but not it same moon. They can be useful to help us to intuit the presence us of our essence, to perceive that it always is there, that we do not have to construct it but to recognize it, because it is what we are deeply.

One of those descriptions indicates the three basic qualities that it has the life in anyone of his manifestations: intelligence, affectivity and energy (Antonio Blay); the Sat-chit-ananda - realildad, conscience, beatitude - for the Eastern philosophy. Each human being would be conformed by these three energies or qualities, as much in the physical level as in the psychic and spiritual level. This one would be our essence: three different centers from our being that, in fact, form a unit. In order to understand it better, we are going to explain them separately.

From our center of affectivity all the capacity comes to feel: empathy, joy, compassion, also bring back to consciousness of beauty and, mainly, the conscience of unit of life. It is grace to the aspect love that perceives the essential unit that exists behind the multiplicity of forms, objects, beings; to perceive the unit of the vegetal kingdom, for example, or the unit of all the human beings and even the unit of all the Earth. This perception of unit is what barren the isolation, separation anguish, feeling that we experimented, exactly, when we lived far from our essence.

From our center of intelligence it comes all the processes of thinking, to analyze, to understand. Everything is an expression of our intelligence what they have to do with the knowledge, with being able to observe and processing data, to discover relations between the things, occurring account and the intuition. The contact with this aspect of our wide-awake essence and calm this thirst of knowing who we are deeply, why of life, the sense of the existence.

From our center of energy all the processes regarding the force come, the certainty, the security, the vitality and, also, solidity and stability. The contact with this aspect of our essence calms that sensation of insecurity and impotence, of being as a leaf to the wind.

We see then, to the human being as an axis with three basic qualities that conform their essential potential and they are expressed in each act of its life. He is something and so all we are born and we are invited to develop and to express. This essence does not change, is always the same; he is potential infinite that it has as destiny to create the life makes specific and to express itself in her.

The concrete expression of these qualities and their development is constituting our way to be and to be in the world: we live expressing our essence, we know it or no. Everything what we expressed is part of her, comes from her, is she herself, Itself that is pronounced. There is nothing us we can be and cause that it does not come from there. We loved? We enjoyed when painting a picture or to cook a rich food? That joy comes from the love center of our essence. We of life understand something of our essence or of a galaxy? That understanding comes from the intelligence center of our essence. We enjoyed when we eat or we danced? All that energy that we are also using comes from our essence. Perhaps we wonder ourselves why the human being expresses his essence so little or deep I: instead of a universal love, a tiny love; instead of an ample and deep understanding, a close and limited vision; and instead of a joyful force, a sensation of weakness and weakness. Here it appears the notion of false personality or veil, a mask that covers and hides deep I and it makes us think that we are not what we are - the essence - and that we are what we are not, the false personality. Perhaps the sense of the existence is the one to work for desocultar veiled and the school of life us the standard through their experiences, if we managed to learn of them¦

When we are expressing our potential we grow, not only objectively in the sense to have more abilities, but also subjectively, as far as being the more conscious of we ourself. To express our potential creatively is to us making discover that we are, that we existed; and thus we are registering an inner sense of presence. Initially this one is fluctuating and unstable. But after an inner working time directed when waking up of this conscience, we will be more feeling centered us in our essence, discovering and living a state on peace and more essential freedom, deeper, feeling than we do not depend totally on the contingent of the concrete situations. We can live disagreeable situations or painful and, nevertheless, we will do it in a frame of acceptance and integrity.

It arrives a little while in which to be present becomes a primary objective in our life. This conscience of being and existing is what Gurdjieff called Memory of himself, an expression that describes the experience exactly: we are present, without forgetfulness nor absence. We remember who we are, our Essential Being. Also the Witness has been called. In fact, it is simply the capacity to be and now, wide-awake, shone, complete here¦

Claudia Casanova

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