In search of the enthusiasm

By Enrique Aguilar

The substantive enthusiasm comes from Greek enthousiasm³s, that comes to mean something as well as divine kidnapping etymological or to have God inside.


The idea that there is behind the etymology of this word is that when we let ourselves take by the enthusiasm it is a God the one that enters us and it uses as our person to pronounce, as it happened to them ” the Greeks to the poets, the prophets and the enamored ones believed. All of them were owned by the divinity and for that reason they deserved respect and admiration, because they arrived at heights that could not even glimpse the people of on foot.

The enthusiasm is the compass that orients the vital way of the fullness and the autorrealizaci³n. To have God inside is a beautiful form to express that or we carried everything within us, who we have all the necessary one to be happy people, that the totality or is in us. The problem is that we have forgotten this in favor of looking for everything outside. The love, the recognition, the security, the wisdom, spirituality we looked for it outside, in other people, experiences or things.


How it is that so many people exist who do not orient their works to which they like? How it is that there are so many tired people, estresadas, striving until losing the health? What causes that so many people live unsatisfied? How she is that million people are hoping that they employ to them instead of to create it?  How she is that there are so many disoriented people and that they do not know what gets passionate to them? How she is that many people do not understand that they are creative beings?


Where it was the enthusiasm of the boy that we were when we saw something for the first time? Enthusiasm that it pushed to us to play, to look around, to experiment, to develop our physical, affective and mental capacities. The enthusiasm that gave the natural force us to learn without effort. Enthusiasm that allows the people to mature in the sense of fullness and autorrealizaci³n and in the sense not to age.


The enthusiasm is the quality, given by nature, that motivates to us to unfold our potential capacities, to develop to us, to learn and to enjoy our creative essence.


The small children are possessors of this treasure. The adults we can recognize this gift and we marvelled ourselves to see it. When we see a excited boy our soul resonates and we recognize, although he is unconsciously, a supreme truth. We give by standardized that that he has the boy we are it losing as we grow, as if to mature he implied to lose the joy to learn, to look around and to have interest by new experiences.


And if what is not normal he is that the adults we lose this capacity to excite to us? , and if we are doing something that we have standardized and that is inhibiting this natural capacity from which we come speaking. You imagine a society of excited, glad people and making money doing what he gets passionate to them? Why no?


We will find many keys to understand these questions in how we were educated. They considered a container us to which there was to introduce contents, instead of a totality that was to accompany so that it was developed. They taught to us to inhibit our energy, our joy and our curiosity in favor of some hour, some learning matters, a hierarchy of the most serious knowledge and, put under us an only form to learn¦

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    Marijose (Monday, 09 May 2016 07:45)

    It was a very special factory, I felt a connection with the wonderful group and the work of Enrique was to obtain that everything flowed. Moments of emotion, diversion and pleasure. Gracias