The joy as transformation motor

By Enrique Aguilar

One of the things that we more exercised through expressive game and the deep laughter is the joy. Why to choose a work of personal development that concentrates in the joy?


The joy brings opening to us, helps to open the three centers us: the vitality, the heart and the mind. On the contrary, the fear is an emotion that closes to us. The joy predisposes us to use our natural capacities for a creative development.


To open the mind, the heart and the energy is necessary to be able to learn, to develop to us and to mature. At present, we lived a pandemic on the fear in the world. The social systems are in crisis because they have stopped evolving positively. There is something does not work and we must develop new systems. If we are with fear, closed, the tendency is to conserve what it must instead of enter itself in creative lands, in new proposals. We can observe it in our lives, in the opened stages more, are stages of greater learning, greater understanding. The joy takes us to the learning; when we are happy, we are peculiar and open to the new thing.

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