COURSE advanced in the ludocorporal system

The creative challenges 

 and the metaphorical game


Before Playful Coaching


The methodology of the challenges facilitates the empoderamiento of the people through solving a sequence of small challenges that are spun to each other. The creative challenges are based on the power of the metaphors and the creativity to extend the self-imposed limits. Therefore, it is an excellent tool to confront the beliefs as much obstacles concerning individual people as of groups. An excellent tool for the learning of values and the taking of conscience.   

  • Based on the objectives that are persecuted we can raise the following challenges:
  • Challenges to activate the potential and the development of values: the creativity and innovation, empoderamiento, the adaptation to the change, confidence, alignment of personal and organizational values, the values that move to us, etc¦
  • Challenges for the cohesion of groups: for work parties, groups of students in any context, to know us, etc. more deeply.
  • Challenges to extend the glance on a subject: on a problematic one, to identify a conflict, on an idea, to generate options of solution, etc,





The challenge methodology is based on playing with the arts: the projected game and the metaphors

You will experiment:


Creative challenges and musical drifts. In essence one is to take metaphors to a experiencial plane guided by music to wake up your sleepy potential: the anger, the freedom, the beauty, etc. Also you will explore the creation in equipment. The method is based on proposing sequences of small challenges that go of less to more risks of an funny and creative way. Especially designed for the development of values as the confidence, the anger, the innovation, the change, the empathy, etc

You will be enabled stops


An excellent tool to work with groups in formative, educative contexts, of resolution of conflicts, work parties, processes of personal growth and as complement to therapeutic processes



When finalizing the process with advantage you will receive the diploma of: FACILITATOR OF CREATIVE CHALLENGES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF VALUES 

Requirement to accede to this course: to have realised the basic course in Playful Coaching

Next calls


In week ends of March 2020 to July 2020 in Barcelona

Module the 1 - vital intention and the existential competitions:  21 and 22 of March 2020

Module 2 - Beyond the landlords obstacles:  18 and 19 of April 2020

Module the 3 - three stages of the game in the human development:  23 and 24 of May 2020

Module 4 - the methodology of the creative challenges:  13 and 14 of June 2020

Module 5 - the ritual game and the metaphorical act:  3, 4 and 5 of July 2020 (RESIDENTIAL IN the NATURE)

Place:  Space Niu - c Congr©s, 7 Barcelona


Schedule: Saturdays of 10:00 to 20:00 hours and Sundays of 10:00 to 15:00 hours

  • Price: 
  • Unique payment: 850 ‚¬
  • Or monthly payment: 180 ‚¬/mes (5 monthly instalments) (it is not including the price of the lodging of the residential one of July) 

Also you can divide the payment to your measurement, for it you do your proposal to us. 

Intensive of summer 21 to the 30 of July 2020


9 days in residential regime


Place:  Dog Armentera “ Santa Maria d'Ol³, province of Barcelona. To see Web of the place

Price: 450 ‚¬ (lodging and food) + 600 ‚¬ formation = 1050 ‚¬

  • This amount is pleased of the following form:
  • 50 ‚¬ of matriculation to reserve to your place when filling up the inscription form (Ten in account that the group fills, to guarantee your place reserves as soon as possible)
  • 450 ‚¬ a month before the home of the formation by means of banking transference.



450 ‚¬ the first day of the course in cash

Facilities of payment: 

You can divide the price of the formation and pay it in the terms that are possible to you.


Ll¡manos and we will look for a solution for you:)


Distribution of the days:

  • Schedule of the first day
  • 16:00 Arrival to the center and accomodation in the rooms
  • 17:00 Home of the formation


21:15 Has dinner

  • Schedule of the rest of days
  • 9:00      Breakfast 
  • 10:00 “ 14:00    Session in the morning
  • 14:15      Food and rest 
  • 17:00 “ 21:00    Session in the afternoon


21:15      Dinner

  • Schedule of the last day
  • 9:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Closing of the intensive one


14:30 Eaten and aim of the stay.

Guide of alumno/a: 


Once you have registered yourself we will send a dossier to you with all the information regarding how arriving, material to take and to other advice and recommendations.

For that they come from outside Spain, the place is to an hour and a half of Barcelona, reason why you must arrive at Barcelona, thence you can take a bus to the Santa Maria town d'Ol³ that will be our point of contact (in the dossier we informed to you into all this)

To ask for Entrevista with the director of the formation