To play to grow and to mature. Playing as via of personal development

By Enrique Aguilar

Through entering the game state we practiced to put the attention on experience of the present moment.


The ideas and beliefs that we own condition our experience, condition ours to think, ours to feel and our action. We operate in our day to day with ideas obstacles that were constructed of life by repetition during a stage and they anchored in us. 

We will only obtain that these negative ideas lose force, through the conscious observation of the same and the ejercitamiento of new experiences that wake up our sleepy capacities. For it, it is important to put the center in creating experiences that nourish to us and they lead us to the love, the vitality, the clarity, etc. and playing, as we oriented it, offers optimal means for it.

The expressive game, the deep laughter and the expression with the art allow empoderarnos us to locate us in the experience of here and now, activating the tenderness, love, joy, force, beauty, discernment and creativity among others capacities.


Through the playful experience it is easier to practice to locate us in the present moment and to harmonize to us. The game is the action par excellence to enjoy.

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