For which reason would have to return to play now that I am adult?

By Enrique Aguilar

When we were young the experience to play put to us in disposition to unfold our potential capacities. Capacities of action, to feel and of thought.


The game in himself is the form that by nature we arrange to learn and to develop what we inside took in power, that is to say, our capacities, gifts and talents.


The enthusiasm is the force that it pushes to us to play and consequently to develop to us. We could define the game as the experience that we realised by the same benefit to realise it. 

Generations after generations have oriented the action to the effort and the sacrifice. We have forgotten that the enthusiasm is the natural quality to discover by we ourself the way of the autorrealizaci³n. That is to say, to do real what we are in power. To be one same one.


As soon as a baby develops to his capacities motorboats minimumly begins to play, enjoys doing it and thus she is developed. The game is evolving as the boy grows, extending its possibilities of experimentation and learning. Thus the boy is unfolding his capacities, exercising them. The natural thing would be to respect this evolutionary mechanism until the adult life. If outside thus, the work of the adult would be its game. From this point of view, to go to play and to go to work would have to be the same for an adult. And the same would be for the boy in its scholastic stage. To go to the school and to go to play would have to be the same, since we remember that to play it is the mechanism through what the human being develops his corporal capacities, emotional and mental of a natural, amiable and joyful form.


A kitten all along plays along with its brothers under protection of its mother cat. The kitten plays hiding, remaining stealthy and in silence, to jump by surprise on one of its brothers¦ Our kitten playing develops all the capacities that need to exercise for being independent in the adult life. What would happen if we prevented to the kitten its game? Obvious it would not learn to valerse by itself, would die if it had to feed itself by itself.



The subject with the human being is something more complex, however, the example of the kitten helps us to begin to understand the gravity and depth of the interruption of the game in the human beings. First that there is to know clearly it is that we have standardized socially that to stop playing is something natural and this is false. The natural thing would be to maintain the attitude of enthusiasm, curiosity and vitality if there were not something interrupted it.

How it is the process of interruption of the game?

In essence from very early age it is begun to replace the experience that is born from the internal interest of the boy (the game), by the experience imposed of outside which it is born from the interest of the adult and the values of the effective society. Of unconscious way parents and educators submissive by a system and some beliefs, are acting in favor of being extinguishing the enthusiasm of the boy to play, that is to say, its natural development. And they make it to produce an artificial development, nearer a domestication process that to a process of human development.


What there is behind the interruption of the game is the lack of sensitivity, respect and freedom to the infantile stage of the human being by the effective adult generation. This lack of respect to the nature of the human being taking infinity of forms: violence, projection of expectations of the parents to its children, imposition of a model of learning in the scholastic stage, imposition to homogenizar the human conduct, abandonments, etc.

Which are the consequences of the interruption of the natural and spontaneous game? 

The consequence of not respecting the nature of the boy is the society as we know it. Million people feeling frustrated taking a full life of loads, feeling enslaved of his you would have and you would have. Million people who do not know what they like, that they become bored in his work losing little by little his vitality. Million people who have forgotten that they are creative beings that they can look for answer the obstacles with his own capacities. Million people who have matured neither emotional nor relationally put not have played the sufficient thing to learn these facets of the evolution and human development. Million isolate people living in the deficiency and the dissatisfaction¦


This form to act is delaying to the evolution and maturation of the people for a reason or purpose individual and the social systems for a reason or purpose collective. We could say that the ill society in that we lived and the generalized unhappiness of the people is consequence of the lack of respect to the natural development of the human being in its infantile stage.

I especially propose a designed space to you so that the adults compensate the interference that took place in its childhood with respect to the game, the experience oriented to the benefit and the development of the creative potential applied to the daily life. PLAYFUL SPACE is called. A space of conscience and activation of the personal potential




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