What to do if they hid the way to us of the happiness?

By Enrique Aguilar


You imagine a society with heart?

You imagine that the purpose of the education was a direction towards the happiness?

You imagine an education, an economy and a policy of the common good?

How we make to construct a society of the common good?

Which is the personal challenge to reach such noble collective aim?

You imagine a cooperative society instead of competitive?

It was a revelation for me when through Claudia Casanova and Enzo Rossi the lessons arrived to me from Antonio Blay on the human potential. We are a potential of energy, intelligence and affectivity, the same three centers that Gurdj­eff indicated. Or as they would say in India we are the Sat, chi, ananda.  Or as they indicate the Buddhists to us with the three qualities of the Buddha to be able, wisdom and love. Also Claudio Naranjo speaks us that we are tricerebrados beings making reference to the qualities of our brain with its three differentiated parts good: instinctive/the vital one that corresponds with the nucleus, the emotional l­mbico/, and the cerebral crust with its rational quality. We know, as Maslow indicates it, that the autorrealizaci³n happens through the total expression of our potential capacities and that to express what one is, is an order necessity superior, although we are not conscious of it.


Thanks to the education that we have received and a system of competitive market, the human being is being able to generally realise incredible things in the scope of the technology and, in the use of the matter to create new elements. Thanks to an education that super develops the analysis capacities, logic, reason, memory, competition, discrimination, conceptual relation and abstraction, the human being realises a new invention every minute that happens. Thanks to this educative system and to this economic system we have cars, Internet, mobiles, airplanes, television in a format that was unimaginable does a few years.

We have an education that, of the three centers energy, affectivity, intelligence, only develops the capacities that they have to do previously with some aspects of intelligence already named. The educative system seriously contemplates the development of the affective capacities, neither mental capacities as the intuition or the conscience, nor the capacities that they have to do with the expression through our body. What it worries more to me is that the educative system does not have nor idea than it is an education in the love, since it is a system created from the rational logic.


Which is the consequence of this type of education? then the society as we know it, a desarmonizada society.


In order to educate in the love it is necessary to take the school from today and to give the return him, I explain it. The capacities of the love have to do with feeling us united a. To where I reach to understand the love is the glue of life, she is what she unites to us. We were united to a person if we felt tenderness, we were united to the life if we felt joy, we were united to the nature when we are able to appreciate its beauty, the compassion unites us to the other in its pain, the devotion unites to us to something greater. You realize, which we do in the schools is right in opposition to the love. The today school is right what there is to make to disconnect to the people of his heart, that is to say, its united innate capacity to feel like a.


First that we do when a boy enters the schooling process it is to separate it of. The great process of disconnection begins then which we have been put under and we put under the new generations. We begin separating to the children by ages and in some schools by sex. We continue disconnecting to the boy of its body when putting under it long unnatural processes to be seated and sobrestimulating the mental capacities over the emotional energetics and. We begin to disconnect them of its emotions and of his needs simply not to give him to space, commanding to them the message to subliminar of it learns the norms and fulfills them as substitute of your feeling. We disconnected them of its singularity when forcing them to learn in the same way to all. We disconnected them of its natural capacity to learn and we impose methods to them adapted to the comfort of the adult. We separate the knowledge in watertight subjects, without relation to each other. We disconnected them of its natural capacity to learn playing and we replaced it by boring methods based on the fear to be punished and/or the motivation through positive reinforcement. We disconnected them of its capacity to experiment inhibiting all initiative by the mandate Beam which I tell you at any moment.  We disconnected them of the beauty and the nature when introducing them in architectonic horrible centers, seemed to a jail or a factory¦


At the end of the schooling process we were with deeply disconnected adult young people/of its heart. What society we have constructed with people thus? what society we are going to continue constructing? A society without heart is a society that is not respected to itself, able to destroy its environment, to generate numerous injustices, deceits and corruptions, a society lying society incapable to operate from the common good, a society with great self-destructive capacity.


The construction of a society of the common good happens so that the people who we comprised of the same we activate our heart, the energy necessary to unite us in the construction of a harmonious society. If we explored a little while in our interior we will be able to verify the existence of a deep yearning to feel connected us, to feel us united a. It is a superior force that it pushes through suffering search the genuine connection to us. Due to our affective illiteracy it is done to us very difficult to establish healthy relations and we looked for substitutes as the addictions, the consumption and superficial relations through the social networks.


If you pay attention, when we felt connected is when we felt happy, therefore, one of the faces of the happiness is the capacity to feel us united a. I believe that it is precise and urgent that each of us considers as is going to reclaim its heart. And between all, parents, educators, artists, we deepen in educative practices that give an alternative to the education of the disconnection, to consolidate the education of the heart. Process that is occurring at present with a multitude of initiatives, especially in the infantile education and that as father, I am being contributor.


My humble contribution is to follow my personal work of reconexi³n with my heart and salary turned this persistence into my profession, for which I have created existential processes so that the people who wish it eet again and activate the capacities of the love. It was hidden to us that to feel us happy we must wake up the capacities that already we took inside. It pleases me to be one of so many people who today we are working to remember that the way of the heart is the only alternative to a society that begins to rot.

The joy, the happiness, the beauty, the compassion is own capacities of the heart

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