How it is that the majority of the people does not work in which gets passionate to them? 

By Enrique Aguilar


I reflect lately on the impact that has the process of education in our lives of adult. It is normal that the majority of the people arrives at the adult age disoriented envelope what really they like, excites to them, without having conscience on their talents? What is really the schooling process? To the service of what is this obligatory process?


Some ago days I distributed some sessions of TERP directed to students of infantile education in an institute of Barcelona. They were young people whom they had between 18 and 23 years of age.



At the home of the session, as a introduction, I spoke to them that the small children, one of the important forms that they have of learning is by imitation. The young students agreed recognizing my words between their theoretical knowledge.


Also I indicated to them that the children mainly imitate the adults whom they have of referring: mother, papa, educator¦ The young people agreed again feeling safe of knowing the lesson and with this attitude relaxed of you are not saying anything to me new.


I continued explaining to them that in the Waldorf school where we took to our son, the teachers take themselves very in serious this of the imitation, since they are conscious that they are referring for kids. Therefore, the teachers have a constructive exigency of being worthy of imitation.


Shelp this, I asked young public, educating futures of small children: Worthy are you of imitation? what you have who are worthy of the imitation of a boy?


A not reached silence until now in the session was made. Of the previous relaxation of knowing itself safe of knowing, one went to an own tension of the uncertainty. A vocecita was heard suddenly - I do not know it -. No of the 26 young students knew to respond to that question.


In my opinion this would have to be the question that articulated all the formative programs of all the professionals who take part in the formal and nonformal education. I am a person worthy to be imitated? work so that this is thus? I have sufficient conscience to give me to account of my influence on the children position? how I make to express the best thing of me?


I continued with the factory entering the experiencial phase and, although already it had observed it, when looking as if outside the first time, I was surprised when seeing zombies instead of young people human beings. Yes, living dead in a metaphorical sense, clearly.


The TERP is a tool that creates the space for the expression of the energy in its different forms, force, vitality, power¦, and also it facilitates the expression of the feeling. For me a zombie is a person who moves by the life to the minimum of her capacities affective energetics and. And this is what I saw in these young people, bodies desarmonizados in its movements, needed to give an exit him to his to feel, but incapable to do it.


I remembered same to his age and there were no differences in this sense. Also I remembered the failed thing and only that I felt during my period of schooling. And my effort as adult to recover my vitality, my body, my capacity to feel and to express, my joy, my beauty, my singularity¦ Effort that I have had to use as contrast to a schooling that turns to us into zombies. 


I see the people most of who surround to me as birds that have cleared them the main feathers to hopelessly take off, trying to rise and to reach the sky, reiterating the failure until the sad resignation. How it is possible that we have standardized and supported an educative system that clears the feathers to us that we needed to fly free by this beautiful planet? How it is that we have standardized a process that calls education that it discourages to us to express our singular flight? How it is that we continued supporting a process that hides the way to us of the happiness and it of life presents as only truth the sacrifice to us as motor?

All we have happened through the school, to all was hidden to us that we have wonderful treasures in our interior hoping to be expressed, was hidden to us that the enthusiasm, the joy, the benefit serves as compass to discover our passions and talents

To recover the enthusiasm is a decision that is due to do at some time consciously of life

Flight of the Condor. Peru
Flight of the Condor. Peru

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    Blue (Sunday, 19 July 2015 16:16)

    Beautiful words! From Argentina, thanks for your work.