The life is movement | Mar­a Fux | TEDxRiodelaPlata

I knew Mar­a Fux in 2005. Pioneer in the world of the danzaterapia. With his 82 years he came to give a chat to the students who we realised the masters of Art therapy that I attended at that time. Nonmemory of what it spoke to us exactly, which memory clearly is that it took a chair, and while it spoke, began to upwards show all the possibilities to us that was to be related to her, with the legs, downwards, behind the chair¦ Mar­a Fux with its dance, its grace, as a wise girl, showed to us that the life is a movement with infinite possibilities of creation.

In the video that I present to you Mar­a Fux has 92 of years, speaks to us with the spirit of a wise woman who has not stopped never playing¦

Enrique Aguilar

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