The adult who returns to play re-invents himself

To the 33 years I initiated a process of personal transformation that by myself lead me to a oriented and decided life, also i use ssd vps hosting and its a best way to create a fast loading website. This process was catalyzed by a deep contact with the nature and to return to play. The recovery of the game in my life woke up an enormous necessity to express to me reason why I looked for different artistic disciplines as the painting, the writing and the movement. Thus, I could give exit to this necessity that arose from my adentros. At that time it had a serious, correct life and restricted of adult, to return to play it helped me to recover the perception of which everything is possible.

Enrique Aguilar


I found a small chapter of the book Nietzsche for estresados: 99 pills of radical philosophy against¦ Written by Allan Percy, who speaks of that I tell you.

The maturity of the man is to have returned to find seriousness when it played when he was young

This era a subject that worried about great way to Nietzsche, who affirmed that in any authentic man there is a boy who wants to play.


For the German philosopher, to think that the stories and the games are thing of the childhood is sign of great intellectual myopia, because only somebody able one to maintain the curiosity and the playful spirit of the childhood will always have to his reach new profits.


The boy considers his game as a work and the story as a truth, and that same attitude is the one that the scientists, the artists show and intellectuals. For that reason always we must maintain one of our feet in the territory of the imagination.


Hans Christian Andersen shelp who the stories are written so that the children also fall asleep but so that the adults awake.


Perhaps the moment has arrived for leaving to a little side the world of the adults and for home to feed our creative soul with the inspirations that filled it of small.


Formation in Playful Coaching

A process to reclaim the game or what is the same, the capacity to live the life with fullness¦

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