To educate for the truth¦ already touches

By Enrique Aguilar

What is to express the truth? Why to learn to express the truth? What is the truth?


One taught us that the truth that is to say, what agrees to the majority or the established power upon the moment. It was taught to us that the truth was necessary to learn it, since came from outside and soon it was necessary to count it.


Thus it was in our stage of educative formation, we went to the school to be domesticated in which the social system considers that there is to know themselves, to communicate and to exercise themselves. 

In this sense the conventional educative system that it includes all the social agents: politicians, educative, educating technicians, parents, etc., are a system perfectly made to move away to the human beings of their intrinsic truth. It is obvious, that all the mentioned social agents build of good faith, or that I want to think. However, one is building from the unconsciousness, since are moved away people of their truth whom they design or they support educative programs to be competitive in the labor market, as if this had something to see with the integral well-being and the autorrealizaci³n of the person.


The truth cannot be learned, the truth is. Yes it is possible to be learned to express the truth, to live one in the truth, to undergo the truth. The truth is what it underlies in our interior, is born from subtlest from we ourself. The truth is the fertile emptiness from where all the forms arise.


The disconnected problem is that when being of our source really it is impossible to us to imagine to us what is to live itself in the truth, and what it occurs it is that, the people who more moved away of the truth are, are created more in possession of the truth in a directly proportional relation.

What causes that this is thus? The existence of a virus in each person who lives in this planet. A virus, in fact, is a DNA fragment, immediately. And as you know the DNA it is information. Then we can say that a virus is a information that needs to seize of an alive cell to make use of its organelles, and thus with the machinery of the cell to be able to express the information of which he is carrying. Then the cell that has been parasitada by a virus, stops realising its function to realise the one that indicates this new DNA to him that has come from outside.

Thus we happen us to all. This is thus due to the process of education and sociabilizaci³n through which all we happened inevitably. This process consists of introducing information to us (virus) than is well and than he is bad, of what it is the important thing, to what we must spend our time, how search the love, to what we must ourselves dedicate, how to relate to us, to whom we must follow¦, really, a information is introduced to us that is going to replace our genuine essence, atrophying us to recognize our own truth. This information with time is taking form from operative beliefs that they condition ours to feel, our word and our actions. This agreement is the base of our suffering. I believe that this it is the true original sin, the forgetfulness of our truth, the forgetfulness of that I am.


The truth does not have it nobody, the truth is, and each of us has to discover realising it a trip towards our interior, going beyond that virus that disorients to us and it distresses to us.

The truth is expressed in us through our heart, our mind and our acts, or shelp with other words the truth it takes form from word, to feel and of action. When we expressed the truth, with the word we created new realities, with the feeling we generated harmonious spaces and with the action we generated common good.


When we are learning to be with the truth, in us is being born inevitably, the virtue. The good one for doing, the good one for feeling, the good one for saying, and this is thus, easy, simple, is forms that arise from the source, therefore is genuine, are virtuous.


Not to be in touch with the truth it at all costs generates a deep anguish to us that we tried, and of diverse ways, to avoid. The avoidance is like the majority of the people do not recognize at least that in his interior they live with anguish. All we have made a character who is to the service to cover this anguish and to show to him the others that he is well and who lives without suffering. False, the happiness is to go by the way that leads to the truth, those that they create to live itself happy showing to them the others, the money that it has, the beautiful family whom it has, the work that it has, are only showing the facade of its existence, facade that can be painted easily of any color. The color of the truth is one, and is necessary to discover traveling it towards ours deeper interior and to learn to maintain itself there, outside it claws of the fear. It is a trip for soldiers since it is necessary much anger to recognize the false character who we have made and to experiment beyond him.

The TERP is a practice that contributes a sand granite in the pointed direction. It is a space of learning by means of the experience, that facilitates the expression of our truth. It is learned to express from the body, to express emotional and the feelings, and it is learned to express the word. All this from a place of autoreferenciado centramiento, conceiving the expression as the act to give to form body, to feel and word from an internal place of conscience. And thus, practicing one and another time, opening us to the expression induced by music, expressing our deep laughter, expressing with our body, using the word to us connected to the heart, we are learning to be located in that near space where the truth emanates relaxed. Not without first to mistake a multitude to us of times.

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    efrain (Wednesday, 03 June 2015 05:36)

    Excellent article.
    Also I am in discord with the edycativo system, spear I have thought to remove to my children from ka school and to focus them to which but they like