Victim or apprentice?

By Enrique Aguilar

The people who adopt a victim paper complain when the circumstances are not to them favorable. They think that the other behave unjustly with them, that always touches the worse thing to them, etc. The negatividad forms the victim, is the negative glance on the vital subjects that cause that bad unemployed leaves, therefore, victim of the circumstances.

There is a more positive alternative, to be apprentice, that is to say, to take it everything as an opportunity from learning. The apprentice accepts and assumes that not always they will leave the things as he hoped and always will remove benefit from the experience. The apprentice recognizes that equivocation because he is learning.

The victim is scared, hopes that somebody solves its subjects to him and when the solution does not arrive, criticism and complaint. The apprentice is scared and he risks with anger in the decision making, if equivocation, reflects, he learns and he returns to make another decision.

The mature apprentice and finds in the risk the adventure of living. The victim acts infantile, is passive and while she hopes becomes bored and, probably when becoming bored, she will begin to damage to others with his shady attitude.

The apprentice is creative and he takes responsibility than he thinks, he feels and he does. The victim destructive and is made the fault to the others of all the negative that happens to him.

The victim with her attitude generates, without realizing, and moved away static, shady a life of her heart. The apprentice step by step, falling and rising is undergoing the light of his heart.

What you choose victim or apprentice?

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