Expert course in LUDOCORPORAL

The processes of personal development through expressive corporal game/, the creative challenges and the musical drifts as via of alignment with the way of the vital intention

 Before Playful Coaching

The alignment with the intention is a self-knowledge process and of connection with your soul, this formation tries to help to that DES a significant step you in this process and that you help to others in the way of the intention.


We will use the musical drifts (free movement guided by music) as an effective tool to establish a deep reconexi³n with same you and from we are there taking conscience from the landlords that limit your life, your gifts and the way of your intention. For it, in this course of expert we will raise to you dynamic novel through experiences designed for this aim.


In this course you will experiment:

The musical drifts. A powerful methodology based on music and the free movement to connect with your essence.

We will work on your landlords and the way of your vital intention

You will create your own customized and aligned project with your intention 

We will approach deeply as accompanying a process by personal development using the three tools: the expressive game, the creative challenges and the creative drifts. 


You will be enabled stops

To offer processes of personal development and alignment of the vital intention through Ludocorporal System



Facilitador/a LUDOCORPORAL


Next call: September 2019 to July 2020

  • Module 1:  Essence, character and the way of intention 7 and 8 of September of 2019 with Enrique Aguilar
  • Module 2:  The life in movement.   5 and 6 of October 2019 with Rosa Useleti
  • Module 3:  The landlords and the alignment with the intention.  9 and 10 of November 2019 with Enrique Aguilar
  • Module 4:  The musical language as activator of the human potential.  30 nov and 1 of December 2019 with Vincenzo Rossi
  • Module 5:  The methodologic structure of the drift music.  11 and 12 of January 2020 with Enrique Aguilar
  • Module 6:  Body, breathing and voice 1 and 2 of February 2020 with Nuria Cervera and Enrique Aguilar
  • Module 7:  The processes of personal development based on the Ludocorporal System and the alignment with the intention.    7 and 8 of March 2020 with Enrique Aguilar
  • Module 8:  The art to accompany.  4 and 5 of April 2020 with Enrique Aguilar
  • Module 9:  Personal project and intention.  9 and 10 of May 2020 with Enrique Aguilar
  • Module 10:  Presentation of personal projects and closes of the process.   5, 6 and 7 of June 2020 with Enrique Aguilar (RESIDENTIAL)

Place in Barcelona:  

Space Niu “ c Congr©s, 7 Barcelona)


Saturdays of 10:00 to 20:00 hours and Sundays of 10:00 to 15:00 hours

Practical schedules: Friday of 18:00 to 21:00 hours (Friday corresponding to the module)


  • Unique payment: 1700 ‚¬ 
  • Or monthly payment: 180 ‚¬/mes (10 monthly instalments)

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