To play for the freedom

By Enrique Aguilar

It is different to match that to enter a game state. When we spoke of expressive game in the risoterapia or in the TERP we talked about to this last one, to enter a game state.

This state has to do with innocence, an inner place that we reached when we consciously decided to leave the judgment to the other and the self-censoring. This state has to do with encountering again to us with the freedom of being, to express and to show to us to us as we are, as when we were young.

In order to enter this state a series of factors has to be combined. First it is to make the decision to put to me to play in this direction, and that is to say, to let the fear to a side or at least dare in spite of the fear. The fear to the rejection of the other, that it has to do and so we called shame.

But¦ To dare to what?  In essence to use the body as communication vehicle, to imagine and to create next to others, to enter a world where everything is possible and therefore, any logic is not followed, feels more than it thinks¦ if we communicated from there, then we are playing.

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