Story - Daily of a man who considered to open the blind

By Enrique Aguilar

- Oh! the light has gone away. It seems that it has failed the electrical provision. Good, I will hope to that it returns.

(a month later)

- It follows without coming the light, I do not know to that they hope to reestablish it, the truth is that he is very uncomfortable to live without her. In short, I will continue hoping.

(a month later)

- They hurt the bones to me, the darkness is cold and humid and nobody takes care in putting remedy to this subject.

(a year later)

- I take more of a year hoping, I am very of this situation. Please! that somebody puts the light!

(a month later)

- Itself dark and I begin to forget to me the colors, I believe that it would have to do something.

(a month later)

- I am going search a candle. If my memory does not betray to me I believe that there was one in a drawer of the furniture that gave to me a long time ago.

(a month later)

- I cannot continue living with candles. I do not see beyond a meter. My movements are limited, the truth is that I need more light¦ that somebody brings more candles!

(6 months later)

- Here I am, seated looking how my last candle is consumed slowly. God! what I do?

(A month later)

- By chance, I have found a lantern. This if that is an improvement, I can direct the light towards where I want. This is wonderful. Magnificent. Thanks!

(A month and a day later)

- Oh God mine! No longer I have left batteries for my lantern. No, I do not want to remain in the dark again. A solution¦ I need another lantern or batteries. Does Somebody have batteries? Please, that somebody gives batteries me, I need them. it is that there is nobody can help me?

(On the following day)

- I am in the dark again. Now I undergo more, I miss the lantern, even sometimes fodder that would conform to me to a candle. I am catched, the cold is unbearable, I crawl completely without information by the ground, I look for the desperate something and I do not know what is. I look for and I look for a little light.

(a minute later)

- I trip over the table, a day was to me useful, itself dragging me by the ground as a snake scared, until giving a blow on the head me against the wall. It hurts to me, I have become blood, the hemorrhage seems important. I need urgent help, Socorro! Socorro!

(A minute and 44 seconds later)

- To the desperate balance sheet by the ground in another disoriented direction and bleeding to me. I arrive until another wall, I support to me in her and I take a breathing. I do not have left many forces.

(31 seconds later)

- I rise of the ground helping me of the wall. My hands feel a closed window, I feel the cold of the crystal through my hands. One darkens blind prevents the entrance of the outer light. By chance encounter the cord of the blind. My eyes are opened of suddenly.

(30 seconds thinking)

- And if I open the blind?


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