To elevate the vibration

By Enrique Aguilar

As you already know, we are living scrambled moments. The old and harmful structures are crumbling and something new is in gestation. In addition, it is happening to all the scales, from the individual thing to the group. All the systems are implied: relational I-you, the relative, the social one, the economic one, the environmental one¦

And also on other contemplated scales less in our daily life as they are the changes that are taking place in the magnetic field of the planet and the influence of solar storms on the same.

I see that everything is related and that each of us must be tuned with the changes that are taking place in the mother earth. To tune itself means to renew the energy, to loosen rigid schemes of vital operation to elevate the vibration as it is making it the planet.

Until now we have worked mainly with our left hemisphere of the brain, this has generated a quality energetics in our body that has determined a form to relate to us and to organize to us socially. The change of our energy happens to begin to operate, more and more, from the right hemisphere of the brain. Like the planet is changing the magnetic pole of the geographical north to the geographic south, we must change our electromagnetism of the left hemisphere to the right. Or what is the same, to happen of the masculine thing to the feminine thing, of the rational thought to the holistic thought/intuitive, of the competition to the cooperation, to look at the navel to us to look at the other, of the energy of the guts to the energy of the heart¦

The TERP is a practice that helps to give to this step person to person. In each session we followed the following process: SOLTAR-CONECTAR- EXPANDIR-SER. 

TO LOOSEN what conditions, the old man, which already is an impediment in the life.
TO CONNECT with the life that one is, with its center, its genuine needs and their personal power.
TO EXPAND what one is, to feel the driving force of the heart, to look at the other without fear
TO BE, initiating a movement towards the essential, elevating the vibration and the conscience.

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