Story the following step

By Enrique Aguilar

They were the mind, the fear and the laughter discussing on which it would be the following step. The fear went ahead saying:

Taken care of! We are not going to take a false step. In my prudent opinion, we would have to remain here, this already we know it, thus, will not pass anything bad.
The mind considered the argument of the fear and it was put to speak for she herself:
We must take a step yes or no. I say yes that or I say that no. If I say yes that, why no? , and if I say yes that not because. And if I say yes neither that not nor that? , then that I say? , there are other possibilities? Yes or no. If I say yes that, why no? , and if I say yes that not because. What roll this of yes or no! , to that yes. And why yes. Perhaps he is not and I am thinking that yes.
S­iii! ..... or no. Already we are again, in short, what possibilities I must to solve this enigma without giving circles constantly. But¦ exist does enigma? yes or no.
Bond because yes, but to what? , I do not know it, then Decided no., my answer will be no.
S­iiiiii - the fear applauded.

The mind fortified by its decision added:
Now I will answer NOT all questions, what tranquillity gives to the knowledge the answer beforehand. Thus it is not necessary to think, there is no doubt, there is no uncertainty, there is no risks, I will be calm because there will be nothing no bad that surprises to me.
Now that I have the answer I will look for the questions that they indicate to me on the following step .......... Ah! , one is happened to me, it is good for having the chosen answer beforehand.

Arrival to this situation, the mind and the fear was disturbed by the contradiction, and above, while they were worried about the following step, the laughter laughed.

- Ja ja ja ja ja ja. Jajajajajaja, ..... jajajajaja

The laughter laughed and laughed more and more hard and during more time, as much than the mind and the fear they stopped being heard to each other. With time they began to become bored until reaching the apathy.
The laughter: it laughed and it laughed ...... it laughed and it laughed.

Finally, the laughter decided to take a breathing and everything was in calm. From this silence, from deepest silence, while the fear and the mind slept, the following step, simply, happened.

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