The 7 levels of action of Risa Profunda

By Enrique Aguilar

The trip of the deep laughter is a powerful experience healer that acts simultaneously at 7 levels:


At biochemical level: The critical moment of the deep laughter usually lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours. In this time, the body secretes high levels of endorfinas.

The endorfinas were discovered in years 70. The scientists were surprised when verifying that these hormones reinforce the immune system, act as anti-carcinogenic, relax the tensions, alleviate the pains, etc.

Before this he thought himself that shortage was had the panacea, the remedy against practically all the diseases, it was only necessary to synthesize it in the laboratory and to provide it to the ill people. Thus he was, but he verified himself that the endorfinas of laboratory did not have the awaited effect. So, the later persistence was to extract endorfinas of people healthy to provide it to ill people. It was not either, reason why one concluded that the only valid endorfinas are those that one same one is secreted for himself.

When the TERP practices with regularity we maintain a high and constant level of production of endorfinas, very beneficial fact for our well-being.


At physical level: When we laughed acts all our body. It increases the cardiac frequency, the arterial pressure, the temperature of the skin and the amount of oxygen in blood. In addition, the laughter produces a vibration generalized by all the body, this vibration improves the motilidad of our cells and weaves. However, most significant at physical level it is the liberation of the diaphragm. The fear takes to us to contract the diaphragm, this fact produces a deficit breathing and to breathe badly takes to us to have cronificados pictures of anxiety. The deep laughter energetically shakes to the diaphragm facilitating a movement of flowed contraction/relaxation, which is needed to have a healthy breathing. A person who maintains a deep breathing, with a released diaphragm, is a person who lives the present moment.


At emotional level: The movement, added to the trip of the deep laughter, activates the two layers inferiors of our brain: the emotional l­mbico or and the instinctive one, while the cerebral crust (the rational brain) is in background. Shelp in colloquial terms we loosen the control, and when loosen this control the repressed thing can be expressed. The repressed emocionalidad subtraction spontaneity and vitality. When the rage, the pain or the sadness nonlived of the past are expressed, we gained in freshness and lightness having more creative energy to the present life.


At power level: The repressed emotions leave a track in our body in the form of tension, when this repeats in the time the tensions are cronifican. When we relaxed these tensions with the movement and the vibration of the deep laughter and, we expressed the associated emotion, the energy flows, feeling us present and vital.  In addition, since I have mentioned, this work helps to unblock the diaphragm. When this happens the energy circulates freely around the main power channel (the spine energetics), contributing serenity to us, and feeling connected us with the love and our personal power.

When the energy flows to the minimum we have a sickly and poor life in experiences. To heal means to restore the balance of this power channel, since this channel is the source of our vitality. The deep laughter is a natural remedy to release the diaphragm and to restore therefore the radiant flux.


At relational level: When the energy flows we can look at the other without judgments, the bows are narrowed and we experimented to be in the presence of the other with an active and vital heart.

Concerning conscience: All the work of the TERP, from the preparation of the body, to the trip of the deep laughter is an car-observation training. Another fact that happens to the people who make this practice with regularity is that after the unfreezing corporal, emotional and power, a sequence happens to realize, begin to have clarity on some aspects of themselves that before were blind points.


At spiritual level: The deep laughter is a meditation experience. When the experience of the deep laughter is extended in the time and the energy flows the people freely can vivenciar, for a moment, a ecstasy. They feel deeply connected, integrated and plenary sessions.

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