Risa Profunda: a harmonising experience

Evolutionarily, the laughter is a form of prelig¼­stica communication oriented to establish bows of confidence between the member of a group, to alleviate the produced tensions and to maintain the united community.


In addition to this social function, the laughter is a natural mechanism that acts an organic as: to reduce the corporal tensions derived from the excess of the fear, and generally, to balance all the systems of the organism, especially the nervous one.


The Expressive Therapy of Risa Profunda (TERP) has the merit to contribute to a rigorous therapeutic frame and a simple system of corporal work to accede voluntarily and with conscience to the deep benefits that the laughter offers.

However, the experience of the deep laughter to which we talked about with this practical one is something different from the social laughter that all we know. The social laughter is brought about by some external event: a joke, an absurd situation, etc. Nevertheless, the deep laughter, although its home can be induced by an external circumstance, its evolution and depth depend on the intentionality and will of the person.


The deep laughter submerges us in a slight critical moment. When a person begins in this practice begins to learn to submerge in this critical moment, experience within reach of any person. The learning in itself is a great opportunity of growth, since to enter this critical moment, is necessary to loosen to beliefs and the control that the fear to the stranger brings about.


To enter itself in the deep laughter implies a psychological death, it is to let to the ego for a moment to travel by instinctive, free territories of the cultural load. The proposal of the deep laughter implies a delivery attitude. This at corporal level is to allow that the body is expressed freely, to let to him do. We operate among others then from the nucleus of our brain (the instinctive brain) facilitating things that the repressed thing takes an expressive form.


In order to accede to the deep laughter we prepared the body with some certain movements, oriented breathings and dances to unblock and to mobilize the energy. Soon all the participants ease up in the ground mouth arrives with the closed eyes forming a circle. A power field is created in which all the participants resonate and they are infected with the laughter or other emotional expressions.

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