GRATUITOUS chat/factory in fuerteventura - the enthusiasm

Gratuitous event 

Of the playful attitude to the vital intention

Distributed by Enrique Aguilar

If it interests to you

to remove the best thing from you, to activate your potential and to unfold your talents, which I am going to explain here, you will like and it will inspire to you.

You are bienvenido/a

In order to center the subject

How it is that a great majority of people does not orient their life towards which they like?

How it is that so many people are no shortage as they are its talents?

Is This normal?

I am a potential? Of what?

You know that

in your early childhood you were able to create the reality that you wished. Thus it was your game. All along you were creating realities and enjoying them, expressing to you and learning through them. How it is that now, as adult, one becomes so difficult?

You do not doubt it

If these questions resonate in you, you do not doubt, see it you this chat/factory and we know ourselves. We will speak of these subjects and you will have an enriching playful experience

What some participants count


A space of connection, enthusiasm was created and very pleasing diversion.

Thanks to tod@s and especially, Enrique by the opportunity that is to us to create it and to enjoy it.

Until the next one




It was an encounter of almost absolute presence, of laughter and human contact. A place to return and to develop the essence that all we took inside.

Thank you very much

Jose Navarrete Monte

Program of the event

  1. Chat the enthusiasm. Of the playful attitude to the life intention
  2. Playful demonstrative factory of coaching through expressive corporal game/


  • Place: Academy Between silhouettes - c Barcelona, 10 Puerto del Rosario
  • Schedule: 19:00 to 20:30 hours


Desire to participate in the gratuitous chat factory

Factory in search of the Enthusiasm

29 and 30 of June in Puerto del Rosario

Existential factory

A stop in the way to connect with the joy, to vitalizar to you and to connect with the pleasure to express to you in freedom