Enrique Aguilar Ferraz

My contribution is to accompany the people to that they discover, by themselves, the creative essence that there is behind the beliefs and actions that bring about suffering to them. One of my main abilities is to relate apparently unconnected things and soon to explain them of a simple way, facilitating the understanding to him to other people.


My work is to provide experiences and surroundings, with the conditions that I call Ecology of the human potential, it stops:

  • to loosen obstacles,
  • to connect with the authenticity,
  • to expand what one is,
  • And to be of life own the creative artist.


I was born in the island of the Palm in 1969 and grew in the Tenerife Lagoon. At the moment I reside in Barcelona. 


As other many I did not fit in the school, a dyslexia nondiagnosed, caused that it had many difficulties in following the education process as they presented it. It was a frightful scared to that they judged to me as idiot not to read nor to write as my companions. So I did all the possible one so that nobody found out my difficulties happening unnoticed and developing other abilities. 


Perhaps for that reason, to the 18 years I began to accompany children as monitor of free time and to the 23 years I began to work in a school after finishing the university studies of teaching. Perhaps for that reason, from the 18 years I put my creative capacities to the service to generate experiences so that the children learned and enjoyed by themselves. It was the innovating monitor that for kids created unpublished games in the campings (what nobody knew is that for me was horrible search the games in books, so it closed the eyes, and the games appeared in my imagination).


I was the young teacher who took to the children to the place of the market so that they discovered it by itself, we constructed orchards, we made trips¦ The same young teacher who to the 4 years of educational experience the educative institution decreased its enthusiasm.


Disillusioned I explored in the scope of the nonformal education: formation of professors, formation of monitors of free time, occupational formation, etc¦ As it was accumulating more experiences in the educative surroundings, more lost and more disappointed it found me. I decided to change of profession and for it I received the master's degree in Environmental Sciences. 


My intention was to move away to me of the education but almost without reflection I saw myself working as professor of sciences in secondary education and realising a doctorate in environmental education. After a year as professor in an arranged center and to understand that it was collaborating with a process of domestication of the children and young people, I decided definitively to leave regulated education.


Today I know that the school that I lived as boy and the school which I lived as teacher, is sustained from a hostile ecology when being maintained by the fear, the judgment and the competitiveness. This hostility is the main obstacle so that the human being develops with fullness his capacities. Generally, we think that to go to the school it is going to suppose means through what we go to learn what we needed to develop in the future. This is false. The scholastic process based on the introjection of contents is a limitation of the development of the extraordinary capacities that all human being owns. The scholastic process as we are living it is one long interference in the human development. 


To the 33 years I initiated a process of personal transformation that by myself lead me to a oriented and decided life. This process was catalyzed by a deep contact with the nature and to return to play. The recovery of the game in my life woke up an enormous necessity to express to me reason why I looked for different artistic disciplines as the painting, the writing and the movement. Thus, I could give exit to this necessity that arose from my adentros. At that time it had a serious, correct life and restricted of adult, to return to play it helped me to recover the perception of which everything is possible.


Since then my persistence is to accompany people to that they recover what the school hid to them and to create existential processes so that the adults update their potential. 


I believe that to solidly trust the nature of the human being it is what it will make us evolve. For it, he is urgent that the education is transformed into another thing. My contribution the express through the tool that I have created: the Playful Coaching

Brief curriculum

Academic formation:

  • Graduated in Teaching in the University of the Lagoon.
  • Lawyer in Environmental Sciences by the University of Granada. 
  • Courses of the Interuniversity Doctorate of Environmental Education.  Interuniversity program


Nonacademic formation:

  • Masters in Environmental Education
  • Masters in Art therapy and Human Development (ISPA- Barcelona)
  • Graduated in Risoterapia and Din¡mica of the Laughter (Intelligent-Barcelona Health), 
  • Gestalt therapy (Institut Gestalt of Barcelona). 
  • Formed in Semiotics of the expression and Creative Education (Diraya-Bilbao)
  • Formed in Coaching (EFIC)
  • Anxious to learn, I get along and I know a level of personal exploration: the Couselling Transpersonal based on the lessons of Antonio Blay (School of Claudia Casanova and Vicenzo Rossi), the 5 rates, the authentic movement, the systemic vision of the Familares Constellations, the PNL, bioenergetics, the dynamic meditations of Osho, shamanism (method of Michael Harner), the expressive movement of River Abierto and Centros de Energ­a, and diverse works centered in the breathing and the meditation.


My professional trajectory:

I have worked as primary and secondary teacher of, training of educators of free, training time of professors, environmental technician, director of an institution Factory and Houses of Office, training consultant/of personal development, arteterapeuta, risoterapeuta and gest¡ltico therapist in individual consultation.


At present my center of professional interest is coaching playful.