Ecology of the human potential

The ecology of the human potential is a vision that understands that the human being has forgotten his intrinsic nature and that to evolve he must turn and activate his true essence. It is an integrating vision that reunites principles of the respectful education, humanistic psychology, transpersonal psychology, traditional wisdoms of east and principles of ecological science.


Under this terminology I define my line of work and consisting of investigation the creation of spaces and group existential processes where the optimal conditions for the expression of the potential capacities of the human being are generated. 


I explain it I took root: A tree following the environmental conditions that surround to him and the relations that it establishes with the beings who surround to him, it will grow more or less, give flowers sooner or later or it even can be that it does not give flowers, also will be able to give to fruits of a quality or another one, or it will not give to fruits¦ the question is Which are the conditions so that tree is developed optimally giving to the best fruits respecting its intrinsic nature?


In the same way, so that a person can express her immense potential needs some particular conditions. Each person is carrying of some talents that do it singular. The ecological conditions so that this talent is expressed and developed optimumly can be recreated, consciously generating the propitious atmosphere for it.


These ecological conditions are a set of actitudinales and relational factors that come together generating a group atmosphere of respect, freedom, unit and confidence. Necessary conditions so that the truth takes form in any human group and blooms the best thing of its nature. Between this set of factors I emphasize the deep confidence in the capacity of self-regulation of the people and the systems in which it participates. And the conscious persistence of not interfering in the growth and learning processes that a person or system needs to journey for her positive evolution.


Fundamental principles of the ecology of the human potential

  • The human being already is born with all capacities in power.
  • The relation that the person settles down with her means (familiar, scholastic, social¦) it determines significantly that potential capacities will be developed and as they will be decreased.
  • So that a potential capacity is developed is had to exercise, it is had to activate.
  • The playful attitude, playing in the children is the natural means to activate the potential capacities
  • The game of the children has to be respected and in no case of being interfered because it is as well as they will develop his genuine capacities.
  • The enthusiasm, the benefit is the natural force to unfold our potential of integral and harmonious way. And the guide to discover the personal gifts and talents.
  • The fullness feeling arises when putting our power, affective potential and intelligence in operation through the joyful experience.
  • The learning arises from the experimentation. The learning process is independent to the education process. Education in the majority of the cases interferes in the learning.
  • The diversity in any human group is generating of balance. The homogeneity generates confliction.
  • The respect to the singularity is the ecological base so that the person unfolds her truth
  • The glance without judgment and the ecology of the judgment does not generate the substrate to express itself freely.
  • Deep confidence in the self-regulation of the vital processes that journeys a person and/or system.


It is obvious, that predominant the social ecology at present is not favorable to the human development. It does not facilitate the development of the talent that each person already owns by nature. Far from it facilitates the development of the happiness and the autorrealizaci³n of the human being. For this reason, I dedicate my life to collaborate in the persistence to create group spaces where a ecology of the favorable human potential occurs to its development. At first, as spaces of learning directed to adults, as the TERP, coaching playful and all the courses and factories that I offer.


To create these conditions is an art, is the art to flow consciously with our own nature. At present the ecology of the human potential I apply it as practice in contexts of personal development and educative contexts. All the activities that you will be able to find in this Web offer this approach.

The human potential according to Antonio Blay, one of the referring ones of my work

We are a potential that the life pushes to us to update and that, insofar as we fulfilled this demand and we updated our potential, we were developed objective and subjectively. We have also seen that both obstacles for that are the acquired habits and the total adhesion to some models that have been given us and who, therefore, the two first things to do as a result of this, are: first, that I learn to be kind to observe this conditional operation, because
only being conscious in act, at every moment, of the agreement, there is the possibility of being transcending it, and secondly, that whenever I am able, and in the measurement that I am able “ and that only is possible when I am I wake up, very wide-awake I I have to learn to create my own answers, to leave to me the circle of the habits, by an authenticity exigency. To see that I am, really, I myself, in the alive measurement that plus those qualities base that I am. It is not in a sense of idea to improve or being better or more perfect, absolutely; it is as authenticity exigency.

To be. Course of psychology of the Autorrealizaci³n. Antonio Blay


If we examined our existence we will see that it seems that there is something is pushing, something that is a fundamental motivation that it pushes the life in all the forms that it adopts, a purpose. This one is the one of which everything lies down to grow, everything lies down to be developed. The life, through its forms, must as slogan update a potential that one brings with himself.


Along with this development, the development of the potential, goes always inherent brings back to consciousness internal of maturity and fullness. The potential (...) is constituted substantially by three basic qualities that are: the energy, intelligence and the affectivity. From the energy they derive all the power processes (...). From intelligence everything is derived what they are knowledge ways (...). From the affectivity it derives all our range to feel.


Of these three fundamental qualities, in its interrelations, all the complexity of our psychic life is constructed. That is to say, that our life is as a process of progressive update of this potential of intelligence, energy and love-happiness. The fullness never comes as a result of an acquisition, but it comes as a result of a total update of our potential.


The outside acts for us the essential as of contribution of necessary the primary elements for this development, so that I can update and so that when updating she can construct. The outside is the matter provision thanks to which what is my basic faculty becomes something concrete, it is constructed.


I cannot live another fullness that the one that is consequent capacity to understand, to love and to act. The answer that I give depends on me, it I can create I. Therefore I can be owner of my answers and is indeed this answer the one that it will develop to me, the one that it will update to me.


I do not have no other way to arrive at a development from something if it is not by means of the ejercitamiento of that something; by means of the active ejercitamiento. Nothing can replace this formal appearance. I am exactly the resultant than I have exercised, neither the more nor the less, as to be concrete.


Our life is constructed on a totally different belief. Our life this constructed on the acquired belief that they are the circumstances and the people who surround those to me that causes that happy or it is displeased. We have built our life on belief that is outside that it is giving me or clearing happiness, fullness, etc. While I am hoping that other others give me will have always manipulation of to obtain that they give me, that gives affection me, that gives security me, that give energy me.


And when I am home to live directly what I am it is when I can begin to open me to the others of an authentic way, of a gratuitous way, without a manipulation, without seducing the other. The existence makes specific is done only of positive qualities (energy, intelligence and love-happiness) this is the raw material of the existence and the human being. There is no another thing. The qualities are substantial, are substance.


Defect is the smaller presence or the insufficient presence of a quality. When putting to him a name cosificamos, we turned into thing something that is not thing, but is a way to see the other, is a smaller presence of the other. By this in the first place it agrees to see that what we called defects is only an insufficient development in us of the qualities. It is not possible to be fought against that it does not exist. Only that it has the sense is to fight in favor of which yes it exists, and in the measurement that I fight to favor, that is to say which I exercise more and plus intelligence, the affectivity and to energy, that called defect disappears. All our psychological problems derive from this insufficient development of our qualities.

Antonio Blay

Each person is carrying of some talents that do it singular. It is his particular form to use his potential.

Total confidence in the natural development of the human processes

We are what we exercised

One is the art to generate the optimal conditions, as much environmental as relational, so that the people express themselves creative, they are with his instinctive wisdom, they learn by themselves and they evolve as conscious beings.